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Summer Work Experience 2023

The School of Law is proud to have partnered with a number of organisations offering placements opportunities exclusively to students of the School of Law, University of Bradford.

Last summer saw a number of students take up these opportunities some of whom have shared their experience below.

Joseph Lancaster – Fenchurch Law LLP

At the end of my first year, I was offered a two-week internship with Fenchurch Law LLP in their Leeds office. However, I was unable to complete the two-weeks as tested positive for Covid19 at the end of my first week there.

When offered the opportunity to return to Fenchurch at the end of my second year, I accepted it for various reasons. The first being that I enjoyed reading about Insurance Law and wanted to know more, and the second was that I was dissatisfied with my time at Fenchurch being cut short due to Covid during my placement the previous year. I rectified this dissatisfaction by working for the entire two weeks. My third reason was that I wanted to spend more time in a legal environment in person to prepare me for entering the job market after graduation. The last reason I wanted to join was that I had significantly improved my writing skills in the course of my second year, and I wanted to see how those skills faired against the work given to me.

In preparation for my return, I checked the old notes that I made when I started working and looked at what I wanted out of the internship; I compared the thoughts I expressed in those notes to the ones I currently had and decided that I should further develop skills I’m good at but could use some improvement, for example, my writing skills in a workplace environment.

My work comprised of similar tasks to those I did the previous year. I primarily did reports consisting of dozens of emails worth of information drafted together with the legal framework explained. Insurance law is complex, so writing about it in an easy-to-understand way is challenging. To tackle this, I found it much easier to simplify the law and write scenarios that could apply to the law and outline scenarios that would not. Using these scenarios, I weigh which scenario is much closer to the case I am examining. Aside from these reports, there were the notes and briefs I was tasked to write, which were similar to the reports I wrote. Often, the easiest part about these assignments was the redrafts, as they allowed me to shorten the arguments and remove any unnecessary filler.

I want to thank Fenchurch for offering me the opportunity to return to them this year. I appreciate the offer and the experience that I received. I hope the work I completed in those two weeks will make up for the time lost last year because of my sickness; I will not forget their generosity and the advice they gave me that I respect. I hope that their endeavours carry on, even without me.

Fenchurch Law is an boutique firm which specialises in representing policyholders and is one of UKs leading specialist insurance dispute solicitors.


Rubi Dinu-Zamfir – Volunteering at Manningham Advice Project

It has been such a refreshing experience working with Manningham Advice Project, Bradford. This summer I learned how to interact with clients during appointments regarding a variety of issues for example: providing aid in applying for welfare benefits, tax credits and immigration applications.

I found this work experience useful in understanding how appointments are booked, how they run, how to listen and respond to each client accordingly. I thank the University of Bradford for signposting this opportunity to me, as I would not have known about this place or gained such invaluable experience without the university's guidance.

Manningham Project provides free and independent advice and support to members of the public with its centre based in the Manningham area of Bradford.

student working on computer

Rubi (left) receiving training from Zabina

student standing outside building

Rubi (right) with Sajila the Centre Manager

Oluwajuwon George - Summer Internship at Fenchurch Law LLP

I had the opportunity over the summer to go on an internship at Fenchurch Law LLP, Leeds. The internship began on the 4th of September and the duration of the internship was two weeks.  I got the opportunity to work with experts in the field of insurance law.  As I expected I felt a lot of uncertainty given that insurance law is a field, I am not conversant with and the only experience I had was by virtue the internship programme I had with Fenchurch the previous year. It was a great opportunity for me to challenge and diversify my knowledge.

At first, I was scared and questioned whether I had sufficient knowledge to take on the tasks I was given. I also had constant fear of not being able deliver my tasks well enough. After the first hours of starting and I noticed how helpful everyone around me was, it helped me ease into the situation and gradually, I found my feet. I felt confident in what I was doing and was not afraid to ask questions.

Through this experience I was able gain vital work skills such as communication, research, active reasoning which are just a few of the many skills I was able to gain. The only downside to this experience was how uncertain I was in the beginning which did not allow me to hit the ground running as soon as I started. However, with time, I was able to overcome this. It was reassuring to have people around me to help with the questions I had.

Things did not go so well at first because I kept on doubting myself which led to me being uncertain about how well I could carry out the task I was given. I also know that this is a very common feeling when you start something new and, in most cases, cannot be avoided. Many researchers have found that uncertainty is essential for growth to occur.

Overall, I learnt not to doubt myself as much. I also gained more knowledge about research and the methods of research that work for me. I also discovered that I had to do some work on myself to grow and overcome this.

If I was put in this situation again, I would ask as many questions as I need and open my mind to the possibility of getting corrected if I did not match up to the standard expected. I understand this process will take a lot of self-work which my career advisor has given me some steps to take to grantee improvement. This experience was wonderful as I met a lot of professionals, and it helped me learn more about myself.


David Eke – Work-experience at Capsticks LLP

My experience at Capsticks LLP was a memorable and insightful one. I was given the chance of observing and learning about the work done in the clinical negligence, regulatory and real estate departments. Seeing all I have been exposed to, I cannot but imagine how late I would have been to experiencing solicitors' work in real time had I not been granted this brilliant opportunity by the University of Bradford law school. I remain grateful and look to applying all I have learnt whenever required in my career journey. 

Capsticks LLP is a commercial law firm with offices across the UK. Capsticks has a wide client base and offers legal services across several sectors including education, housing, insurance, clinical negligence, corporate, banking and finance. Capsticks offers a prize to of a one-week placement to the highest performing student in Tort Law a one-week.

student stood infront of wall

Joanne Warne – Accompanying Representative GMB Union

Last academic year, I took part in a pilot scheme where students at the School of Law were invited to act as union representatives working with the GMB (North East, Yorkshire and Humber region). This involved rigorous training delivered by both the GMB and the School of Law along with information of what to expect as well as what was expected of us as representatives.

When the opportunity was presented to work with GMB through the university I was particularly excited about the it. I have worked with unions in previous roles before I came back into education and had always admired the work that they did. GMB are committed to representing their members to a high standard and offer comprehensive training in order to prepare you for meetings with employers.

Following successful completion of my training, I had the opportunity to accompany a number of union members to various disciplinary meetings.

Working as an accompanying representative for GMB, I have been able to use my advocacy skills and apply what I have learnt in class in real terms. It has also helped me deepen my understanding of subjects such as contract law.

It has been insightful to receive advice and guidance from experienced people within the union as well as broaden my research skills. Employment law is of particular interest to me along with public law. I feel that this experience has given me a comprehensive insight into potential future careers.


students sat in class

Students receiving training from GMB Union

Odinaka Vivica Stan-Ugbene – Mini-pupillage at Broadway House Chambers

During my mini-pupillage at Broadway House Chambers on September 25th - 29th, 2023, I had the opportunity of gaining valuable insights and experiences. These include participating in various court proceedings. I observed a range of cases, including ongoing trials and sentencing hearings, where I learned about presenting appeals. I also witnessed briefings with different claimants and attended hearings on a variety of criminal charges.

I also shadowed several barristers in the Crown Court. I observed the dynamics of courtroom proceedings, including cross-examinations, interviews, and sentencings. The barristers kindly shared their expertise and insights on courtroom strategies, and I learned about the complexities of handling such sensitive cases. I conducted research on historical sentences and collaborated with the barristers on these provisions.

Overall, my mini-pupillage provided me with a comprehensive understanding of courtroom procedures, trial dynamics, and the critical role of legal professionals in ensuring justice is served.

Broadway House Chambers offers a prize of a mini-pupillage and £100 in cash to the student who has shown an outstanding achievement and commitment to social justice in each academic year.