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Research at the School of Law

School of Law Conference  

26 - 28 July 2023

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Leading research for policy, practice and educational change

The School of Law supports an active research community which comprises our academics, our students, and external partners. We lead on, and collaborate in, world-class research which is academically rigorous, innovative, applicable to real life, can positively influence policy and practice and promote social justice. We are committed to producing the highest quality research and to ensure that this informs the quality and relevance of our teaching.  

Our research interests reflect how law at international, transnational and national levels is a key tool to ensure equity, fairness and justice. Our research is interdisciplinary in nature but is categorised into three main strands; 

  1. Technology and Commerce 
  2. Environment, Sustainability Regulation (ES&R)
  3. Human Rights, Equality and Diversity (HRE&D)

 These areas links specifically with the University’s research theme of ‘Sustainable Societies'

Finance, Technology, Commerce & IP (FTC&IP)

Globalisation and recent developments in international law are reshaping traditional relations between states and between multinational corporations and nation-states. At the same time, information technology and other disruptive technologies such as AI and blockchain are transforming the commercial landscape. Our team of academics and research students at the school of law, undertake cutting-edge impact-oriented research on the challenges for law and policy, effective regulation, corporate accountability, equity, and social justice. Particular areas of interest cover a range of subjects such as banking and financial technology law, intellectual property, arbitration and other forms of commercial dispute resolution, international trade and investment law, corporate social responsibility, consumer legislation, as well as regulation of Internet and cyberspace. 

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Environment, Sustainability and Regulation (ES&R)

The School is engaged in leading research on contemporary environmental and sustainability challenges faced by nations and the international community.

Our research activities focus on environmental law and policy covering areas such as the sustainable development goals, regulation of environmental impacts of corporations in various industries such as oil and gas, climate change, renewable and unconventional energy sources, water and sanitation. We are involved in projects looking at the environmental and societal impacts of oil exploration, natural resources regulation, governance and access to justice.

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Human Rights, Equality and Diversity (HRE&D)

This research strand engages with the overarching theme of human rights, equality and diversity in a variety of contexts. Some of our research in this area include pre-trial disclosure and miscarriage of justice, immigration and asylum, environmental justice, gender, employment rights, and children in care. Underpinning all of this is the fundamental question of how law, policy and it's implementation impact different groups in our community, especially the most marginalised amongst us. The goal of our research is to foster a more inclusive, just, and equal society.

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