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Research at University of Bradford School of Law

Research is a central part of the School of Law's activity.

We are committed to producing the highest quality research while recognising the important relationship between excellence in research and in teaching.

Research seminars

Throughout the academic year, the School of Law hosts a series of research seminars. These sessions are open to all staff and students and allow members of the School of Law to present details of their current research.

Our staff are engaged in legal and socio-legal research across a broad range of subject areas. The seminars are an excellent opportunity to learn about this work, offering you an insight into the latest research at the forefront of law which could assist with your own work and dissertation choices. 

Research interests

Our academics have a wealth of knowledge in the following areas:

  • European Law
  • Employment Law
  • Human Rights
  • Public International Law
  • Sport and the Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Law and Literature
  • Intellectual Property
  • Competition Law
  • Sustainable Development Law
  • Medical Law

Details of individual research interests can be found on our staff pages.

Initial enquiries should be directed to the research coordinator for the School of Law, Dr Sanna Elfving:

Research projects

Illegal Immigration: Comparing National Legal Frameworks in Italy and the UK

This project considers the law and policy in relation to illegal immigration in the EU with a specific focus on two countries: Italy and the UK. It aims to fully understand the EU perspective in legislating in this area and considers how EU involvement in this field can further our understanding of effective economic, social and political integration of Member States into the EU.

It then considers the national implementation of EU law and policy as well as national law and policy in this area in 2 Member States. The countries chosen represent countries with different legal systems and different approaches to regulating immigration and therefore the study provides an opportunity for in-depth understanding of illegal immigration and legal and policy responses to it.

Download the first background report (PDF), which collates information of EU legal and policy documents relevant to this project

For more information on the project please contact Annalisa Morticelli at

Pilot study into the operation of the national protocol for the exchange of information in the investigation and prosecution of child abuse cases

This pilot study examines the approach of police forces, NHS trusts and local authority social services departments in England and Wales towards the operational exchange of confidential information in child abuse cases.

In particular, the study will examine operation of the existing national protocol which governs information sharing in such cases.

The outcomes will be accurate data as to the scale of non-implementation nationally, together with some key indicators as to the principal areas of contention for individual agencies.

For further information, please contact Dr Chris Taylor:

Understanding Mobility and Internationalisation in the Discipline of Law in the UK

This pilot project looks at the extent to which the Bologna Process and developments in EU policy are impacting on legal education in the UK and what the drivers of and barriers to mobility are in academic law from undergraduate level upwards. 

For more information contact Jess Guth:

Women in the HE Sector - Confronting the Issues

This project seeks to understand women's progression in the Higher Education sector.

It includes law and policy review as well as empirical work with academics at the University of Bradford.

Manningham and Toller Policing and Wellbeing Evaluation

This study was conducted by the West Yorkshire Policing and Community Research Partnership in conjunction with Bradford South Police and the Neighbourhood Policing Team.

The purpose of the research was to evaluate community confidence and satisfaction in relation to policing priorities and performance in the Manningham and Toller Wards, within the broader context of overall community wellbeing.

This entailed extensive and inclusive consultation with all groups within this community in order to identify those issues which the community itself considers relevant to policing and the factors which impact on communication and information dissemination in matters of policing and police performance.


For staff publications please see our staff pages.

Law in Brief

Law in Brief is produced by University of Bradford School of Law. It covers a variety of topics from research summaries to innovative teaching ideas and reports. Law in Brief focuses on issues currently being researched and debated within the Law School and wider community.


2011/04 - The Office of the Independent Adjudicator and its Role in Administrative Justice in Higher Education in England and Wales
2011/03 - What questions should we be asking about good teaching
2011/02 - Equal Pay: The revolution that never was
2011/01 - A Brave New World: The shape of law schools in a post-Browne era


2010/03 - International Law and the Governance of Global Public-Private Partnerships
2010/02 - Building Rome on Questionable Foundations: The History of the EU in 'EU Law: Text Cases and Materials' by Paul Craig and Grainne De Búrca
2010/01 - "Confronting inequality and celebrating diversity" - Some reflections on teaching an Introduction to English Legal History at Bradford University Law School


2009/07 - "The Impact of the Criminal Process on Health Care Ethics and Practice"
2009/06 - Are PhDs students or workers and why does it matter?
2009/05 - Contemporary Challenges to Executive Power - So who said the courts do not make law?
2009/04 - International Climate Change Law and Global Health
2009/03 - Law to combat disability discrimination - where are we now?
2009/02 - The Meaning of 'Wrong' in the M'Naghten test
2009/01 - S. Coleman v Attridge Law and Steve Law - A new dawn for anti-discrimination law


2008/01 - An Introduction to the Bologna Process
2008/02 - Recruiting New Law Lecturers
2008/03 - Uncertainty for computer program patents after the Astron Clinica and Symbian judgments of 2008
2008/04 - The Party is Over and Microsoft Have Lost: The Key Issues and Ramifications of the Microsoft Judgement
2008/05 - The Bradford Innocence Project
2008/06 - Gender Equality in the UK - The Legal Framework