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School of Law research on Human Rights, Equality and Diversity (HRE&D)

A number of members of staff within the School of Law focus on research exploring the common, overarching theme of human rights, equality and diversity.

One of the principal research areas of the School is the criminal procedure and the law of evidence.

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Research interests

  • Dr Chris Taylor's has conducted research on the law of pre-trial disclosure in criminal cases which is instrumental in many miscarriages of justice Through his links with West Yorkshire Police and Social Services, Dr Taylor has been working on the assessment processes and procedures surrounding children absconding from local authority care.
  • Dr Elfving has been involved in research activities focusing on European and international human rights law, and specifically on European immigration and asylum legislation. She has also worked, together with Ms Aleksandra Marcinkowska, PhD Researcher within the School of Law, on published work that investigates the impact of the judgments of the Court of Justice of the EU on gender as well as the impact of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU on EU citizens right to reside in the UK after 2020. Dr Elfving’s is also undertaking on-going empirical research on EU equality law and the role of European lawyers in promoting equality has been supported by the University's competitive ‘Pump Priming’ fund.
  • Mr Mowlam is involved in research on homelessness among EU migrants in Bradford
  • Mr Ian Miller is currently undertaking reserch into the potential of establishing ‘Justice Bradford’, a collaboration between the School of Law and Citizens Advice Bureau to provide opportunities for the development of impactful research in the area of access to justice locally.

These research collaborations have immense potential to promote debate about the impact of government agenda on local communities and the impact on the socio-economic context of the world in which law works.

Featured research project

Dr Sanna Elfving is currently working on a research project exploring the lived experiences of equality lawyers in the European Union and the United Kingdom.

The work further develops Dr Elfving’s theoretical work, which culminated in the publication of a monograph titled Gender and the Court of Justice of the European Union together with Dr Jessica Guth (Reader, Leeds Beckett University) by Routledge in 2018.

The project focuses on the factors that shape legal thinking and decision making and equality lawyers’ approach to equality law issues.

Read more about Dr Sanna Elfving's research project.

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Providing disclosure training by Dr Taylor

Dr Taylor has assisted both Greater Manchester Police and Lancashire Police, in conjunction with the Crown Prosecution Service, to provide disclosure training for detectives engaged in complex cases. He has also assisted Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and the Parliament of New South Wales in the development of disclosure legislation.

Dr Taylor’s current empirical research project examines the current relationship between West Yorkshire Police and Kirklees Social Services to assess procedures relating to children absconding from local authority care, including their vulnerability to exploitation and their participation in ‘county lines’ criminal activity.

The research is qualitative and examines the attitudes and behaviour of various actors. The methodology centres on semi-structured interviews of key stakeholders, including Social Services, foster carers; young people, charities, support groups, and police officers (both new and experienced).

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