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 School of Law and internationalisation

We take an international approach

At the School of Law, true internationalism and diversity are at the core of our ambition. We know how important it is to prepare our students for responsible leadership in a globalised market. We have developed a number of ways that we integrate international exposure into the curriculum. You can participate in study tours, study placements, work placements and internships abroad or study with us, on our Distance Learning LLM, from anywhere in the world. This gives our students the experience to study law in a variety of international settings. 

As well as international reach, we also represent more than 30 nationalities our our University campus. Over 60% of our students and over 50% of Faculty members come from outside the UK. We are part of a student body and Faculty who are representative of the international diversity in a global business world. 

Exchange Programmes

As part of the University of Bradford, School of Law students have access to one of the most comprehensive exchange schemes in the United Kingdom. International experience can strengthen your academic performance, boost your CV, develop skills to expand your career prospects and help you to stand out when applying for a job.

There is a range of opportunities from short programmes, study placements, work placements and internships ranging from one week to one year.

  • Erasmus + Programme: exchanges for study and work placements in Europe for research students and for recent graduates
  • International Student Exchange Programme (ISEP) and the Worldwide Exchanges: exchanges in almost any country in the world, covering study placements during the term time
  • Overseas Placements: work placements, internships, volunteering and electives outside of Europe during the term time and summer break
Nadia Mamoun Erasmus Exchange Student
Studying abroad in Turkey was undoubtedly the highlight of my entire degree. Not only did I make lasting friendships and amazing memories, but I also developed academically. Being outside of my home country took me out of countless comfort zones, pushing me to grow as I responded to new challenges. This whole experience has fuelled my ambition to eventually work abroad. Haleema Arif – LLB student Study Abroad Turkey


New for january 2021, our Distance Learning LLM mirrors that of our on-campus LLM programme and is taught by the same team of experts. You can choose to study with us from anywhere in the world and you'll have remote access to our academic expertise. 

For individuals interested in pursuing a range of career options including careers in legal practice, business, industry and civil society, our Distance Learning LLM offers geographic flexibiilty coupled with expert support.

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