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​​​​​​​Research and Innovation strategy

​​​​​​​We will empower and encourage our researchers to deliver internationally leading, interdisciplinary research and innovation that will shape and benefit future societies.

The University of Bradford has a rich history of the creation of knowledge through fundamental and applied impactful research that is recognised, supported, and celebrated. Today, the University’s research activities are spread across its four faculties, each of which is able to boast internationally leading researchers, outputs and impact in areas spanning fundamental science, engineering, healthcare science and management, the social sciences, management and law.

Research excellence often requires collaborative, interdisciplinary working across the University, within the region and beyond; extending to other HE institutions and businesses, nationally and internationally. Via high-level, strategic initiatives, the University will become a trusted partner (or maintain trusted partner status) of fellow anchor institutions in Yorkshire, whilst also building upon existing, or attracting new, international partners because of our impact and reputation in selected themes.

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Areas of excellence

The Research and Innovation Strategy lays out a framework for continuous improvement in the quality and quantity of the research and innovation activities of the University, such that it may continue to grow and make major contributions to the solution of globally significant issues.

Current notable areas of excellence and differentiation for the University include, but are not restricted to:

Our research principles

  • We are committed to delivering open research and innovation that is conducted and delivered with honesty and integrity.
    Our research is recognized by our academic peers, industry and third sector partners as being of the highest quality and delivering tangible impacts on society and the economy at local, regional, national and international scales.
  • We recognize and adopt the principles of responsible research and innovation, and the six underpinning pillars.
    These are ethics, gender equality, open access and data, science education, public engagement, and governance).
  • We recognise that delivery of excellent research and innovation is dependent upon its staff, students, infrastructure, partnerships and research support services.
    Our largest investment in research is in our staff and the amount of university–funded time allocated to research and innovation activities. The University recognises the value and importance of a healthy synergy between research and teaching.
  • Our research will address a specific global challenge, strategic development goal or issue to which the University has the capability to respond.
    In addition, our research will have a direct link to several of the University’s programmes of study, at UG and PGT levels, so reinforcing the robust link between the high-quality research produced and its relevance to the University’s teaching provision. ​​​​​