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Strategies, Policies, Mission and Values

Everything the University does, no matter how small, forms a part of our mission as an institution and our corporate strategy.

Our values and policies are in place to make sure that, in achieving our goals, we do so as fairly and as well as possible.

University Strategy

View our University Strategy along with our Development Plan. 


View our policies that are of interest to students, along with our general university policies.

Publication Scheme

View our publication scheme, which sets out the categories of information that we publish.


We are committed to sustainability. Find out more about our sustainable campus. 

Team Bradford Charter

The Team Bradford Charter outlines our commitment to delivering the best experience for our student body. We encourage all of our students and staff to read this Charter, using it as a guide to enrich the student and staff experience at the University.

Our Vision

The University of Bradford is a technology university with great strengths. Our ambition is to build on our heritage and these areas of strength, and to be a world leader in: 

  • the creation of knowledge through fundamental and applied research;
  • the dissemination of knowledge by teaching students from all backgrounds; 
  • the application of knowledge for the prosperity and well-being of people.

Our strengths correspond well with this vision, in the physical sciences and engineering, life sciences and health services, management and business, and international relations, politics and societal impact. We want Bradford to be known as a world-leading technology university.

Our Research themes

The University of Bradford has three research themes:

These research themes span our 4 academic Faculties of Life Sciences, Health Studies, Management, Law and Social Sciences, and Engineering and Informatics.