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University Strategy 2015-2025


In May 2014 the Vice-Chancellor released a first draft of a new 10-year Corporate Strategy for the University.

A range of focus groups and feedback opportunities were set up to allow staff and students to get involved in shaping our future.

People Development and Planning, Legal & Governance ran a series of consultation workshops between July and September 2014. Staff were invited, by job family, to attend facilitated workshops to seek their feedback.

In addition to the workshops, all staff were encouraged to read the draft University Strategy online and submit their comments.

Over 130 people attended the workshops or gave feedback on the draft Strategy online or via email.

On completion of the consultation exercise the key feedback themes were presented to the University SMT and the University Strategy 2015-2025 was finalised. This was approved by Council in February 2015 and will now inform our strategic objectives and decisions for the next 10 years.

University of Bradford Development Plan

Alongside the development of our University Strategy 2015-2025, a Development Plan has also been produced to support the achievement of the strategy.

Development Plan

Supporting Strategies

Our University Strategy will be delivered through a number of supporting strategies, which include detailed objectives, deliverables, milestones and key performance indicators.