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Business and Community Engagement strategy

We will be a university city that shares knowledge in order to strengthen health, wealth and confidence across the many communities in which our students, staff and alumni participate.

Our vision will be achieved by applying and combining our knowledge and capacity for research, learning and teaching with the capacities of our partners, in the pursuit of strength, innovation and social and economic growth.

We will work with people and organisations from diverse local communities, and from the scholarly fields and economic sectors that align with our specialisms. Our activities will bring about mutual benefits, with positive impacts on the development of communities outside the University and on our capacity and reputation for excellence, innovation and inclusion in scholarship.

Shirley Congdon and Kashif Siddiqi, Co-Founder of Football for Peace

Shirley Congdon, Vice-Chancellor at the University of Bradford with Kashif Siddiqi, Co-Founder of Football for Peace.

Our priorities

To achieve our goals of health, wealth and confidence, we will pursue eight priorities:

  1. Maintain and cultivate strategic partnerships ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  2. Enhance pride in Bradford within the University and outside through engaging with the public
  3. Engage people living locally in co-designing solutions which will make a difference to our lives
  4. Engage employers in co-creation of curricula
  1. Provide outstanding work-place experiences for students
  2. Create inclusive approaches for developing innovation awareness, capability and capacity in society
  3. Provide clear routes for accessing the University’s research and innovation capabilities
  4. Deploy our inventions and discoveries for societal benefit