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Raising achievement for young people

The work of this division of the Centre for Inclusion and Diversity (CfID) forms part of our Access to Participation Plan (APP) mission. This provides a robust response to the expectation of the Office for Students (OfS) that universities will enhance and expand their partnerships with schools and other local and national organisations.

Our work on the Raising achievement for young people project seeks to deliver activities and creative solutions which help address educational disadvantage. This includes improving educational circumstances, and making a positive impact on the achievement of young people in

Access and Participation Plan (APP) 2020-21 to 2024-25

We recognise the significant social and economic challenges of our region and seek to work collaboratively with key partners to remove the barriers to Higher Education (HE).

The APP is key to the University strategy in our mission to support under-represented groups. 

Read more about the University's Access and Participation Plan (APP).

Learning partnership programme

Members of minority and less powerful groups often find it more difficult to establish the kind of relationship with senior/middle managers that leads to a mutual understanding.

To optimise the benefits of its diversity, the University set up the learning partnership programme. This programme partners university staff with student participants to offer an opportunity to learn more about different world views.

Aims and objectives

  • Enable mutual learning and development in relation to leadership, management and diversity.
  • encourage reflective practice and a sounding board for ideas.
  • offer the opportunity to learn from a partner’s experience.
  • help with problem solving and change management.
  • increase confidence through support and guidance.
  • challenge existing ideas and foster an understanding of what the partner is experiencing.

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