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Brad-iCOUNT is a platform for the conception and implementation of a variety of key equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) projects to support the delivery of strategic EDI plans.

The programme cuts across different aspects of the university’s strategic work and currently encompasses three key components:

  1. the Brad-iCOUNT fund,
  2. the Brad-iCOUNT module
  3. the diverse leadership development programme.

Brad-iCOUNT fund

This initiative was developed in 2022 to provide yearly guidance and financial support for innovative EDI ideas proposed by members of the University community.

The fund aims to encourage creative thinking about EDI and attract wider participation of staff and students across the University.

Brad-iCOUNT funded projects are activities that deliver new actions, over and above the work that should be business as usual to support EDI. An annual budget of £15,000.00 is set aside to fund EDI projects under the Brad-iCOUNT scheme. The maximum available per single project will usually be £1,500.00.

If you have a University IT account, you can visit the CfID Intranet Site to apply for the latest fund.

A group of people socialising

I am proud to belong to a university that welcomes positive change, where women like myself not only want to, but are given opportunities to make a difference.

Dr Humaira Khan, Lecturer in Life Sciences & Associate Dean EDI

The Brad-iCOUNT module

This module is developed for all students as part of their orientation programme. It aims to develop students’ knowledge of equality, diversity & inclusion related issues. It also aims to support their understanding of who they are and why they matter. The module covers these topics:

  • Personal and social identity
  • Belonging and relationship
  • Respect and dignity
  • Intercultural awareness
  • Unconscious bias
  • Prejudice discrimination and stereotype

Brad-iCOUNT leadership development programme

This bespoke leadership programme is developed by Faculty of Life Sciences to take positive action to address the under-representation of women and ethnic minority staff in leadership positions in the Faculty.

The Brad-iCOUNT Leadership Programme has been designed and developed by the Faculty together with WISE, leaders of positive change, career support and progression in the STEM sector in conjunction with Belonging Pioneers, who focus on building cultures of equity, inclusion and belonging.