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'Can You Hear Me?'

'Can You Hear Me?' is a series of online listening circle events for staff and students. With 'Can You Hear Me?', the The Centre for Inclusion and Diversity (CfID) intends to empower minoritised voices. The events provide a safe space for open conversations on topics which are often challenging but critical to achieving our diversity ambitions.

If you have any topics you would like to discuss through the 'Can You Hear Me?' events, then please contact the CfID team at

Previous events

Unlearning racism: Understanding the impact of microaggressions

February 2022

This event focused on understanding the impact of microaggressions for colleagues from minority ethnicities. This theme is central to our work to become an anti-racist university.

The event provided an opportunity and safe space for colleagues to share their perspectives, understanding and experiences of day-to-day microaggressions at work.

Team Bradford image of man wearing lets decolonise tshirt

Talk to CfID team about all things equality & staff network day

May 2022

This 'Can You Hear Me?' event was part of the National Staff Networks Day. We encouraged conversation between staff and students for our Race Equality Survey. Our staff network members were also there to inform colleagues of how to join and the great work that they do.

Let's decolonise together

June 2022

At the heart of the University of Bradford Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy is our commitment to being an anti-racist university. There is a growing consensus for the need to decolonise Bradford and Higher Education. This could involve changes to leadership and culture, the curriculum, the library, research and so on.

This 'Can You Hear Me?’ event was an opportunity for staff and students to learn about and discuss decolonisation. The session gave the chance to co-create our approach to decolonising.

Belonging here series September - December 2023

The purpose of this series of Can You Hear Me? events was to:

  • Engage staff and students in thinking about and discuss what we mean by inclusion and a sense of belonging; who is included/who belongs and how/on whose terms. 
  • Engage with staff and students in contested conversations about our identity, values, and beliefs in a constructive environment. 
  • Lean to co-exist in a world of difference through intercultural dialogue. 
  • Join together to co-create solutions and activities to increase inclusion, respect and belonging for all.
Students throwing their mortarboards in the air on their graduation day