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Membership of Yorkshire Consortium for Equity in Doctoral Education (YCEDE)

The Yorkshire Consortium for Equity in Doctoral Education focuses on access to doctoral study for graduates from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds. The project is a collaboration between:

  • five universities in Yorkshire,
  • 12 UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) funded doctoral training partnerships and centres for doctoral training
  • a number of external partners dedicated to equity at doctoral level.

What we have done with YCEDE

The University of Bradford has a strategic role in the Yorkshire-wide project. Along with the University of Sheffield, we are tasked with the implementation of a postgraduate researcher (PGR) mentoring programme. The programme works with PGRs and faculty from all five YCEDE universities to help students through their PhD journey.

Through a collaboration between Brad-ATTAIN & YCEDE, the Brad-ATTAIN Seminar Series programme has emerged. The programme offers free seminars on a range of tasks students encounter on their pathway to postgraduate research.

Past seminars have covered the topics of:

  • Research proposal writing,
  • Expectations of a first year PhD students,
  • The world of research publishing,
  • How to write literature review.

Several of our students have been involved in YCEDE programmes.  One of our Brad-ATTAIN PhD students and member of the YCEDE scholars board, Zenab Sabahat, was a nominee for the noble Yorkshire Asian Young Achievers Award (YAYA) for her work in mental health.

Both YCEDE and Brad-ATTAIN have been informed by the University of Bradford’s vision of a world of inclusion and equality of opportunity, where diversity is a source of strength, is valued, supported and leveraged. We are committed to ensuring people want to and can make a difference, and we want to be the place to make that difference.

Professor Shirley Congdon

University of Bradford YCEDE Contacts