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Decolonising UniBrad

Decolonising Bradford is a project that focuses on providing students and staff with the tools and language to identify the ways that universities are built on colonial hierarchies.

This project looks to empower students and staff to confront, challenge and reject the status quo. This encourages students to imagine how things can be done differently and create ways forward that will benefit us all.

We recognise that being a diverse university is not enough. Our claim to being the University for Social Inclusion and Social Mobility must be matched with real actions. Being non-racist is not enough, being anti-racist is the only way forward.

In decolonising our University, we are building an anti-racist institution which allows all to succeed, and which celebrates our rich diversity and heritage.

It is also about driving change to create a racially inclusive and anti-racist university and tackling disadvantage on a structural, cultural and individual level.

This work is central to the delivery of our EDI Strategy 2020-2025. Through it, we aim to promote a culture of equality and better outcomes for all. We strive to make our diversity count and enable a climate for inclusion.

We recognise effective leadership at executive and governing body to be a pre-requisite to building and maintaining an anti-racist organisation. We as a leadership team are proactively listening to and validating the experiences and perspectives of our racially minoritized staff and students.

Professor Shirley Congdon

Rethinking, restructuring and reconstruction

Decolonising UniBrad is an access and participation workstream that co-ordinates decolonising across the university. It consists of six groups working on different core areas:

  • Leadership and culture change
  • Staff
  • Student
  • Curriculum and library
  • Research
  • Community and culture

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