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Pharmaceutical Engineering Sciences

Experts in pharmaceutical formulation development

The Centre for Pharmaceutical Engineering Science (CPES) is an interdisciplinary research and industrial collaboration centre, which has expertise across the pharmaceutical sciences, chemistry and polymer engineering disciplines with an excellent reputation for contract research and working with industry.

CPES academic research is focused on developing an in-depth fundamental understanding of the influencing factors on both product and process development in the pharmaceutical and related industries, including use of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Quality by Design (QbD) approaches to pharmaceutical product development and process optimisation.

CPES offers expertise and contract research services in the areas of preformulation analysis, pharmaceutical formulation development, poorly soluble drugs, amorphous forms, melt technologies, crystal engineering and cocrystals, particle size reduction technologies and novel polymorphic transitions.

A key focus of the research undertaken at CPES is the development of innovative formulation technologies in the area of pharmaceutical and healthcare formulation.

Researcher using injection moulding equipment

Innovators in drug delivery

Our pharmaceutical formulation development services includes know-how over a range of enabling technologies focused on solubility enhancement of poorly soluble actives including melt technologies, spray and freeze drying and nanosuspensions covering a range of drug delivery systems including transdermal, parenteral, inhaled and more conventional oral formulations.

The Centre for Pharmaceutical Engineering Science is located across the University’s city campus having laboratories in the Norcroft Building and the Polymer IRC  providing a wide range of excellent research facilities and equipment enabling our scientists to design of novel formulation technologies for the development of enhanced pharmaceutical and related products.

Placing vials in freeze dryer

Commercialisation of novel technologies

A key focus of the research undertaken at CPES is the development of novel technologies in the general area of pharmaceutical and healthcare formulation. The centre has an excellent record of developing intellectual property for commercialisation through collaboration with appropriate industry partners.

We are currently seeking commercial partners for the following innovative technologies:

  • Non-hygroscopic effervescent solid dosage formulations
  • Novel abuse resistant systems for opiate drug delivery
  • Solvent free process for manufacture of co-crystals
  • Stable novel polymorphs of pharmaceutical actives
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Meet the team

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General Enquiries

Professor Anant Paradkar - Director

T: +44-1274-233900

Dr Jason Jones - Business Development

T: +44-1274- 236193

Centre for Pharmaceutcial Engineering Science
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