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Living costs

Here are a few examples of typical costs to give you some guidance on how much you'll need to live on as a student here:

Estimated minimum living costs in Bradford 2018/201942 weeks51 weeks
Accommodation depending on type £3,780 - £6,910* £4,335 - £8,305*
Food, toiletries and laundry (based on £60 per week) £2,520 £3,060
Toiletries, laundry and household (based on £15 per week) £630 £765
Books, stationery, photocopying and printing (based on £10 per week) £420 £510
Mobile phone costs (based on £10 per week) £420 £510
Local Travel – if required (based on £15 per week)  £420 £510
Setup costs  £500 £500
Insurance for personal possessions £70** £70**
Estimated minimum total for guidance only £8,970 to £12,100 £10,515 to £14,485

* Accommodation may be in halls of residence (standard rooms or ensuite rooms available) or in private housing. Halls of residence rents usually include all utility bills. Rents in private housing are generally for room only, and the costs of utility bills are additional. Please check with your accommodation provider for further details.

** Insurance for personal possessions is included in rent at The Green, our on-campus halls of residence. Rent in private houses does not include this insurance, and this cost should be included in your budget planning.

Please note:

These expenses will vary from one student to another according to your lifestyle and circumstances, as everybody is different! 

The amount of money that you need also varies according to the time of year.

At the start of the academic year you will need to have access to enough money to pay accommodation deposits and rents (it is best to pay these in advance), and also to buy items that you need when you first arrive.

There may also be additional costs associated with your course, such as lab coats or driving licence.

International students

The UK Border Agency considers that students living outside of London will require approximately £1,023 per month for their living expenses.

For visa purposes, as a new student to the UK, you will need to provide evidence that you have £9,207 (£1,023 x 9 = £9,207) of money in your bank account to use for your living costs, in addition to your tuition fees for the first year of your course.

More information can be found on the International and EU students website and the Visa Support website.