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COVID-19 Research

University of Bradford Research into Covid-19

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the University of Bradford invested in 21 research projects that deliver contributions to the understanding and response to COVID-19 and its impact in the City and the region. These projects considered the impact of the pandemic on healthcare workers, consumers, businesses and financial markets, as well as social distancing optimisation and novel drug screening systems.

Vaccination and the global supply chain:

  • Covid vaccine does not conflict with religious fasting, says professor - Professor Mahendra Patel (9/4/21). Find out more >>

  • AstraZeneca vaccine: how to fix supply issuesProfessor Amir Sharif, Dr Liz Breen, Professor Sankar Sivarajah (The Conversation, 19/3/21). Find out more >>

  • The UK’s speedy COVID-19 vaccine rollout: surprise success or planned perfection? – Dr Liz Breen (The Conversation – 25/2/21). Find out more >>

  • ‘Halal and kosher vaccine will accelerate UK vaccination once approved’ - Professor Dinesh Saralaya (honorary visiting professor, 29/1/21). Find out more >>

  • COVID vaccine supply is causing an EU crisis – so what’s being done to speed up production? – Dr Liz Breen (The Conversation, 28/1/21). Find out more >>



Bottle of Covid 19 vaccine
  • Expert analysis on Covid vaccine rollout and impact of Brexit​ - ​​​​​​ Dr Liz Breen (14/1/21). Find out more>>

  • COVID vaccine: some waste is normal – but here’s how it is being kept to a minimum – Dr Liz Breen (The Conversation, 11/1/21). Find out more>>

  • COVID vaccines rollout has started – here’s how everyone will get them - Dr Liz Breen (The Conversation, 8/12/20). Find out more>>

  • Vaccines are here, but how will we get them to billions of people? – Dr Liz Breen (The Conversation, 2/12/20). Find out more>>

  • How are covid vaccines produced and why have there been delays - Dr Liz Breen (The Guardian). Find out more>>
        Dr Liz Breen Conversation Profile

Supporting the NHS:

  • Video shows University of Bradford’s mass production of innovative face shields for health service (2/7/20). Find out more>>

  • University of Bradford begins making ‘thousands of face shields’ as part of Covid-19 response (16/5/20). Find out more>>

  • University of Bradford supports our NHS with early deployment of 400 students and staff in frontline healthcare roles (20/4/20). Find out more>>

  • Media design and technology graduates from the University of Bradford deliver medical web apps in record time as part of Covid-19 response (8/4/20). Find out more>>

  • University of Bradford donates PPE kit and stocks of ethanol to local hospitals and care homes (31/3/20). Find out more>>

  • University of Bradford stands ready to help industry in call for ventilators (27/3/20). Find out more>>

Nurse in visor and gloves (PPE)

Vaccine trials and testing centre:

  • ‘World first’ as mass Covid-19 vaccine trial begins in Bradford (6/10/20). Find out more>>

  • Call for BAME over-50s to take part in “groundbreaking” Covid treatment trial (18/9/20) - Professor Mahendra Patel. Find out more>>

  • Bradford scientist volunteers at national Covid-19 testing centre (16/7/20). Find out more>>

  • Bradford coronavirus regional testing centre to open for key workers (28/4/20). Find out more>>

Covid 19 testing centre

Economic recovery plan:

  • Covid-19 will change the way we work forever, says University of Bradford professor – Professor Sankar Sivarajah (30/3/20). Find out more>>

  • Yorkshire’s Universities and Business are key to the building the future economy of the region (15/3/21). Find out more>>

  • Launch of the Bradford District Economic Recovery Plan - Professor Zahir Irani (3/3/21). Find out more>>

  • How universities can support local businesses and communitiesProfessor Zahir Irani (The Conversation, 25/2/21). Find out more>>

  • Bold plan to rebuild and ‘reset’ local economy after covid  - Professor Zahir Irani (29/1/21). Find out more>>

  • Post-Covid recovery plan will ‘stress test’ local economic strategy with an eye on £1.8bn Yorkshire devolution deal - Professor Zahir Irani (20/8/20). Find out more>>

Bradford City Centre

Other Covid research:

  • University of Bradford showcases its broad response to covid pandemic (7/2/20). Find out more>>

  • Could 'universal income' help us better survive a future pandemic? – Dr Simon Mair (1/3/21). Find out more>>

  • Drugs trial that could prevent hospitalisation from covid - Professor Mahendra Patel (18/2/21). Find out more>>

  • Why ‘virus nationalism’ could be self-defeating - Dr Conor Meehan (Café Scientifique, 17/2/21). Find out more>>

  • Covid and the small screen revolution - Jacqueline Griffin (10/2/21). Find out more>>

  • ‘Digital exclusion’ and ‘digital poverty’ laid bare by covid, says academic - Professor Vishanth Weerakkody (27/1/21). Find out more>>

  • ‘Smart testing’ will help fight superbugs and save lives – Professor Stephen Rimmer (18/11/20). Find out more>>

  • Covid, Brexit and the US election… and how they affect you – Dr Liz Breen (28/10/20). Find out more>>

  • Bradford academic working to mitigate BAME Covid risk - Professor Mahendra Patel (30/6/20). Find out more>>

  • SME survey will give voice to businesses hit by Covid 19 - Dr David Spicer (25/6/20). Find out more>>

  • Dementia under lockdown: the moving accounts of those striving to be heard (13/5/20). Find out more>>

  • Experts gather to shine light on “forgotten services” closed due to Covid-19 (6/5/20). Find out more>>

  • Retailers should brace themselves now for post-lockdown ‘revenge buying’ says University of Bradford academic – Dr Liz Breen (4/5/20). Find out more>>

  • Five tips for people with dementia and carers during COVID-19 lockdown – Dr Catherine Quinn (27/4/20). Find out more>>

Drug screening bottles lined up in a row

Research as a way to understand and respond to Covid 19: December 2020 event summary

See more on project progress as at 9 December 2020

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