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SME survey will give voice to businesses hit by Covid 19


University of Bradford launches major poll with view to lobbying ministers

Firms hit by Covid 19 are being urged to spare a few moments to fill in an online questionnaire, the results of which will be used to lobby for change from MPs and other bodies.

Dr David Spicer, Project Lead and Director of Business Engagement in the Faculty of Management, Law & Social Sciences at the University of Bradford, said the survey would ultimately help support any business struggling as a result of the pandemic.

“It will take 15-20 minutes to fill in the online form, the results of which will then enable us to identify what issues are affecting businesses hit by the Covid 19 pandemic. There are plenty of firms which are doing well at the moment but for every one of those, there’s another which is struggling.

“These are exceptional times and there’s a risk small businesses will fail as a result. We intend to use the results to lobby MPs, chambers of trade, councils and other bodies. The more results we get, the louder our voice and the greater possibility there is for meaningful change.”

He added: “Covid-19 has caused significant disruption to all types of businesses, none more so than to smaller businesses. The School of Management at the University of Bradford is engaged in a major research project looking at the impact of Covid-19 and how firms have responded to the challenge created by the Coronavirus crisis.”

Issues could involve cash flow, the impact of furloughing staff, finding routes to recovery.

Professor Sankar Sivarajah (Head of the School of Management) said: “We know small businesses and entrepreneurs are one of the groups which have been hardest hit by the preventive measures taken to control the pandemic, yet many have shown considerable innovation and agility in responding to the changed business environment created by Covid. Understanding the impact of the current crisis on these businesses and ensuring a post Covid-19 recovery plan that results in a positive socio-economic impact and supports their recovery and success is therefore likely to benefit the regional economies significantly.” 

Take the survey.

All contributions will be confidential and anonymous and participants will have the option to receive a copy of the findings once the research is completed.

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