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Launch of the Bradford District Economic Recovery Plan


Deputy Vice-Chancellor from the University of Bradford has led on the creation of a new plan to help Bradford recover from Covid-19.

Professor Zahir Irani, Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University and Chair of Bradford Economic Recovery Board has worked with partners across Bradford to create an ambitious new plan to support the district’s recovery from Covid-19.


The Bradford District’s Economic Recovery Plan sets out how partners will sustain jobs and boost productivity whilst building an inclusive, sustainable and resilient local economy.


The delivery of the plan will be overseen by the Bradford Economic Partnership which includes representatives from businesses, education and other key partners across the district.


Professor Zahir Irani, said: “We believe the current economic crisis can be repurposed to our advantage. By supporting changes to the economy and encouraging new ways of working, we have an opportunity to position Bradford better and deliver improved health outcomes and wellbeing.


“Our ability to do this is helped by the big change in political attitudes we have seen since COVID-19 with bolder economic and social strategies dominating policy debates. The pandemic is our chance to reset our economy to create a healthier, more equitable and more sustainable future for all.”


The plan, which followed an inclusive consultation process, seeks to respond to local challenges including the rapid rise in unemployment, a sustained gap in skills, poor connectivity and Bradford’s reputation outside the district.


It addresses national challenges including the economic fallout from the Covid-19 restrictions, social inequalities made worse by the pandemic, increased pressure on public finances and the UK’s exit from the EU.


The plan will embrace opportunities arising from Brexit, the growth of the digital economy and the emergence of the green economy, whilst continuing to build a more inclusive, sustainable and resilient economy.


For further information download the Bradford District’s Economic Recovery Plan or watch this short video.