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Nanotechnology, a cashless society and healthy fat: Bradford's Pint of Science festival


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Want to know how electricity could help wounds heal? Or why some people have naturally curly hair and others have straight?

These are amongst the fascinating subjects at Bradford's Pint of Science festival next month. 

Held across three evenings at three venues in the city centre, the festival is a chance for the general public to hear the latest in cutting-edge research from experts at the University of Bradford. 

It's part of a worldwide event bringing science to the masses in easy-to-understand and entertaining ways in cafes, pubs and local venues. 

Organiser Dr Ritchie Williamson, Director of Research - Life Course, University of Bradford, said: "Pint of Science makes science accessible. Everyone is welcome to come along and listen to engaging talks by leading researchers over a cup of tea or a pint of beer. 

"We've got some fantastic talks this year, ranging from whether we should abolish cash to how pollution affects the heart, all delivered in a really easy to understand and engaging way. You don't need to be a scientist to come, you just need to be interested in topics that affect our everyday lives."

Head of Research - The Life Centre, University of Bradford

Pictured above: Dr Ritchie Williamson 

Pint of Science has been running in the UK for 10 years. Now a worldwide festival, it features more than 600 events in 45 cities across the UK every May, attracting more than 24,000 guests. Bradford's first in-person Pint of Science festival occurred in 2022. 

There are eight talks at this year's festival, held on Monday, 22 May, Tuesday, 23 May and Wednesday, 24, May, 2023, at BrewDog, Cafe Liza and Theatre in the Mill, from 19.00 to 21.30. Tickets cost £5. 

Talks include the following:  

You can view the full programme of events and book tickets here.  

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