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Dr. David Ansell,
Assistant Professor

Information about Dr. David Ansell at the University of Bradford.

School of Chemistry & Biosciences
(Faculty of Life Sciences)
+44 1274 236521
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supervised researchers.


I studied my PhD investigating "The role of hair follicles in wound repair" in the lab of Prof Mat Hardman at University of Manchester which I completed in 2012. Following this I spent 8 years as a postdoctoral researcher at Manchester, across the labs of Prof Hardman, Prof Ralf Paus group, then finally Prof Enrique Amaya. I set up my group in 2020 when I joined University of Bradford as Lecturer in Skin Science. My research interests span several topics but I have a main focus on understand how wound healing is altered under impaired conditions, which might lead to chronic wounds. I have a PhD student examining the role of skin ageing and changes to vasculature on tissue viability. I also have projects studying the effect of biofilms and infection on skin integrity and wound repair. I also have an interest in hair follicle biology.I have authored 20 journal papers, which have received 491 journal citations. My h index is 11.


I have research interests in a broad range of Skin Science topics. Current projects include ranging from wound healing, skin ageing, hair follicle biology and the skin microbiome.

Research supervision

Dr. David Ansell is responsible for the supervision of 2 postgraduate researchers at the University of Bradford.


Details on teaching interests, highlights and modules are available for Dr. David Ansell as follows:

Teaching modules

Information about programme modules taught by Dr. David Ansell.
Title Subject Module code Year
Cell and Tissue Biology
Cell Biology
Human Physiology, Biochemistry & Microbiology 2023-24
Skin Biology, Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine
Cosmetic Science
Cosmetic Science (Distance Learning)


There are 21 publications involving or that are attributed to Dr. David Ansell. They are listed as:

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  • other publication (1)
  • peer reviewed journal (18)
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Dr. David Ansell has 1 publication(s) listed under letter.
Title Year Publication name Journal Volume Pages Authors Editors ISSN Publisher DOI Location
Re-evaluating cyclosporine A as a hair growth-promoting agent in human scalp hair follicles 2015 Hawkshaw, NJ; Haslam, IS; Ansell, David M; Shamalak, A; Paus, R

Other Publication

Dr. David Ansell has 1 publication(s) listed under other publication.
Title Year Publication name Journal Volume Pages Authors Editors ISSN Publisher DOI Location
Evaluating STZ-Induced Impaired Wound Healing in Rats. 2018 Journal of Investigative Dermatology 138 Ansell DM;Marsh C;Walker L;Hardman MJ;Holden K; 1523-1747 10.1016/j.jid.2017.10.020

Peer Reviewed Journal

Dr. David Ansell has 18 publication(s) listed under peer reviewed journal.
Title Year Publication name Journal Volume Pages Authors Editors ISSN Publisher DOI Location
Exploring the "hair growth-wound healing connection": anagen phase promotes wound re-epithelialization. 2011 Journal of Investigative Dermatology 131 Ansell DM;Kloepper JE;Thomason HA;Paus R;Hardman MJ; 1523-1747 10.1038/jid.2010.291
Animal models of wound repair: Are they cutting it? 2012 Experimental Dermatology 21 Ansell DM;Holden KA;Hardman MJ; 1600-0625 10.1111/j.1600-0625.2012.01540.x
Direct evidence that PKCα positively regulates wound re-epithelialization: correlation with changes in desmosomal adhesiveness. 2012 Journal of Pathology 227 Thomason HA;Cooper NH;Ansell DM;Chiu M;Merrit AJ;Hardman MJ;Garrod DR; 1096-9896 10.1002/path.4016
Epithelial-to-mesenchymal stem cell transition in a human organ: Lessons from Lichen Planopilaris 2018 Journal of Investigative Dermatology 138 Imanishi, H; Ansell, David M; Cheret, J; Harries, M; Bertolini, M; Sepp, N; Biro, T; Poblet, E; Jimenez, F; Hardman, J; Panicker, SP; Ward, CM; Paus, R
The battle of the bulge: re-evaluating hair follicle stem cells in wound repair 2017 Experimental Dermatology 26 Garcin, CL; Ansell, David M.
Wound healing protects against chemotherapy-induced alopecia in young rats via up-regulating interleukin-1β-mediated signaling 2017 Heliyon 3 Stojadinovic O; Wikramanayake TC; Villasante Fricke AC; Yin NC; Liang L; Hinde E; Escandon J; Tomic-Canic M; Ansell DM; Paus R; Jimenez JJ
Oestrogen promotes healing in a bacterial LPS model of delayed cutaneous wound repair 2016 Laboratory Investigation 96 Crompton, R; Williams, H; Ansell, David M; Campbell, L; Holden, K; Cruickshank, S; Hardman, MJ
A statistical analysis of murine incisional and excisional acute wound models 2014 Wound Repair and Regeneration 22 281 - 287 Ansell D.;Campbell L.;Thomason H.;Brass A.;Hardman M. 1524-475X 10.1111/wrr.12148
Pericytes in wound healing: friend or foe? 2015 Experimental Dermatology 24 Ansell DM;Izeta A; 1600-0625 10.1111/exd.12782
Do not be alarmed: understanding IL33-ST2 signalling in wound repair. 2016 Experimental Dermatology 25 Ansell DM;Hardman MJ; 1600-0625 10.1111/exd.12887
Hair Follicle Bulge Stem Cells Appear Dispensable for the Acute Phase of Wound Re-epithelialization. 2016 Stem Cells 34 Garcin CL;Ansell DM;Headon DJ;Paus R;Hardman MJ; 1549-4918 10.1002/stem.2289
A guide to studying human dermal adipocytes in situ. 2018 Experimental Dermatology 27 Nicu C;Pople J;Bonsell L;Bhogal R;Ansell DM;Paus R; 1600-0625 10.1111/exd.13549
Fluorescent cell tracer dye permits real-time assessment of re-epithelialization in a serum-free ex vivo human skin wound assay 2019 Wound Repair and Regeneration 27 126 - 133 Nasir N.;Paus R.;Ansell D. 1067-1927 10.1111/wrr.12688
Neuroendocrinology and neurobiology of sebaceous glands 2020 Biological Reviews Clayton R.;Langan E.;Ansell D.;de Vos I.;Göbel K.;Schneider M.;Picardo M.;Lim X.;van Steensel M.;Paus R. 1464-7931 10.1111/brv.12579
Dermal adipose tissue secretes HGF to promote human hair growth and pigmentation. 2021 Journal of Investigative Dermatology Nicu C;O'Sullivan JDB;Ramos R;Timperi L;Lai T;Farjo N;Farjo B;Pople J;Bhogal R;Hardman JA;Plikus MV;Ansell DM;Paus R; 1523-1747 10.1016/j.jid.2020.12.019
Ppia and ywhaz constitute a stable pair of reference genes during electrical stimulation in mesenchymal stem cells 2022 Applied Sciences (APPS) 12 Steel L.;Ansell D.M.;Amaya E.;Cartmell S.H. 2076-3417 10.3390/app12010153
Adiponectin negatively regulates pigmentation, Wnt/β-catenin and HGF/c-Met signalling within human scalp hair follicles ex vivo. 2021 Archives of Dermatological Research Nicu C;Jackson J;Shahmalak A;Pople J;Ansell D;Paus R; 1432-069X 10.1007/s00403-021-02291-2
An epidermal-specific role for arginase1 during cutaneous wound repair. 2021 Journal of Investigative Dermatology Crompton RA;Williams H;Campbell L;Lim HK;Saville C;Ansell DM;Reid A;Wong J;Vardy LA;Hardman MJ;Cruickshank SM; 1523-1747 10.1016/j.jid.2021.09.009


Dr. David Ansell has 1 publication(s) listed under reviews.
Title Year Publication name Journal Volume Pages Authors Editors ISSN Publisher DOI Location
A guide to studying human dermal adipocytes in situ 2018 Experimental Dermatology 27 589 - 602 Nicu C.;Pople J.;Bonsell L.;Bhogal R.;Ansell D.;Paus R. 0906-6705 10.1111/exd.13549