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Postgraduate Taught Home/EU Fees 2017/18 Entry*

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CourseFee (per year unless stated otherwise)
Standard full-time Master's (Including LLM) £6,500 - classroom-based
£7,750 - engineering/science-based
Standard full-time PgDip £5,200 - classroom-based
£6,200 - engineering/science-based
Standard part-time Master's £3,250 - classroom-based
£3,880 - engineering/science-based
Associate Student scheme £540 per 10 credit module - classroom-based
£650 per 10 credit module - engineering/science-based
(A higher fee may be charged for modules on courses with a premium fee.)
Exceptions: Life Sciences
Clinical Pharmacy part-time MSc £2,250
Clinical Pharmacy part-time PgDip £2,760
Clinical Pharmacy part-time PgCert £2,760
Forensic Archaeology and Crime Scene Investigation part-time PgDip £430 (per 10 credit module)
£2,590 (project dissertation)
Exceptions: Management & Law 
Full-time MBA (suspended for 2017/18) £27,500
Executive MBA £20,500
Distance Learning MBA £17,000
Circular Economy MBA £17,000
Master's (except International and European Business Management) £10,000
Exceptions: Social Sciences
Social Work MA (two-year programme) £4,195 (subject to a small annual increase)
Exceptions: Health Studies
Higher Education Practice part-time PgCert per 20 credit module £700
Standard full-time MSc £6,500 
Standard full-time PgDip £5,420
Standard full-time PgCert £2,990
Standard part-time module - 10 credits £500
Standard part-time module - 20 credits £1,000
Standard part-time module - 30 credits (including Dementia distance learning module) £1,500
Standard part-time module - 40 credits £2,000
Stand-alone dissertation - 60 credits £2,170
Wound debridement module - 30 credits £1,625
Nurse led Outpatient Diagnostic Hysteroscopy and Therapeutic Management module £3,250
Dementia for Practitioners with a Special Interest PgCert £3,250
Continence for Physiotherapists PgCert £3,250

Continence for Physiotherapists PGDip

Physiotherapy in Women's Health PgCert £3,250
Physiotherapy in Women's Health PGDip £6,250

Rehabilitation Studies (Women's Health) MSc

Rehabilitation Studies (Continence for Physiotherapists) MSc £8,420

Alumni Fee Discount

There is a fee discount of up to 15% for graduates of the University of Bradford (who meet the eligibility criteria).

Please note that you can only receive one type of fee discount or award.

Studying for a second postgraduate taught course

Students studying for a second postgraduate taught course will be charged the applicable fee.

* September 2017 to August 2018