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When to pay your tuition fees

There are a number of different options available to pay your tuition fees outlined below.

If you have any questions about when to pay your fees, please contact the Credit Control Team for guidance:

Pay in full

Tuition fees can be paid in full before or at enrolment.

If you pay in full you may be eligible for our early payment discount scheme.

Payment plans

Once your enrolment has been completed, if you have been unable to pay in full, an invoice and payment plan will be sent to your University of Bradford email address.

The payment plan will include the dates and the instalment amounts for payment based on the University's standard payment plans for invoices £500.00 or over (apart from short courses under 20 weeks).  

Undergraduate tuition fee loan

Eligible Home and EU students can apply for a non-income assessed tuition fee loan from Student Finance to cover the cost of your fees.

This is paid to the University on your behalf.

Student Finance will notify the University if your tuition fee loan (and the amount) is approved. 


Postgraduate loans

If you're starting a full or part-time Postgraduate course (taught and research), you may be eligible for one of the government's postgraduate loans.  As the loan payments are paid directly to you, the University will consider you to be a self-funding student and you can either pay in full or by payment plan.

Masters students can apply for a Postgraduate Masters Loan of upto £11,222 for courses starting from 01 August 2020.

Doctoral students can apply for the Postgraduate Doctoral Loan of upto £26,445 for courses starting from 01 August 2020.


If your employer or Government agency is covering the cost of your course, please forward your Financial Guarantee (Sponsorship) letter or Purchase Order form to the Credit Control team so we can approve and update this on your account for you.

Standard payment terms for sponsors is payment in full within 30 days from the date the invoice is raised (payment plans are not available).


If confirmation of sponsor or student finance funding is not received, payments are not made or funding is withdrawn by your sponsor, you will be responsible for the payment of any outstanding tuition fees.

If you have difficulties paying you must contact the Student Credit Control team before your payment date to discuss the options available to you.


Early payment discount scheme

The University offers a 3% discount to students paying their annual tuition fee in full at the start of their course.  The discount is offered on the net annual tuition fee i.e. after all scholarships have been deducted and doesn't include bench fees, in excess of £8,000.00. 

To be eligible for the discount, 97% of the net tuition fee must have been paid to the University of Bradford by the deadline dates below:

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught
Enrolment start date Payment deadline 
September/October 30 September
January 31 December
April 30 April
July 30 June


Postgraduate Research
Enrolment start date Payment deadline 
September 30 September
October 14 October
February 14 February
April 14 April
June 14 June
July 14 July

If you have any queries relating to your qualifying payment deadline please contact the Credit Control team.

The discount scheme will not apply to those who are on programmes a reduced fee is charged and where fees are paid via a third party, such as an agent.