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Tuition fees for undergraduate Home students

Tuition fees cover the cost of your registration, teaching, assessment, and operating university facilities, such as the library, IT equipment and other support services.

When you accept the offer of a place on a course, you are accepting responsibility for the payment of your tuition fees. You can do this in advance or via instalments, or you can apply for a tuition fee loan from the Student Finance service.

Some courses, especially those in the Faculty of Health Studies, will have additional costs to be covered by the student, for DBS checks and uniforms. Check your course page for details.

These fees are for Home students - check our Am I a Home student? page to see if you qualify. If not, you will need to pay International fees.

2024-25 entry (September 2024 - August 2025)

Type of course Fees per year Sandwich placement year fee**
Undergraduate degrees £9,250*

10% *** of applicable full-time fee - £925 ****


Foundation year £9,250 -
Part-time degree/foundation year Pro rata depending on intensity of study -
Students undertaking a second degree £9,250* 10% of applicable full-time fee - £925

*Fees going forward have been capped by the Government at £9,250.

**Sandwich course fees - charged during the placement year away from the University of Bradford for students on thick sandwich courses, or during the year in which the second placement falls for students on thin sandwich courses.

*** If a placement year is to be undertaken abroad and supported by University funding through the University’s exchange programmes, fees will increase to £1385 (15% of standard fees) to cover additional support, advice and administration costs.

**** Students wishing to do a University Diploma as part of the placement year will be charged an additional £900 in addition to the standard placement fee

Fees for students repeating credits

If you are repeating 70 credits or less you will be charged a fee pro rata to the standard fee for that year (see below)

Students repeating 80 credits or more will pay the full standard fee applicable to that year of study.

  • 10 credits - £775
  • 20 credits - £1,550
  • 30 credits - £2,325
  • 40 credits - £3,100
  • 50 credits - £3,875
  • 60 credits - £4,650
  • 70 credits - £5,425

Undergraduate Faculty of Health Studies CPD modules

Undergraduate health modulesFee per module
Standard part-time undergraduate health module: 10 credits £770
Standard part-time undergraduate health module: 20 credits £1,540
Standard part-time undergraduate health module: 30 credits £2,310
Standard part-time undergraduate health module: 40 credits £3,080
Return to Practice (fee includes the standard module cost, plus an Occupational Health screening, a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, a uniform, and placement fees) £3,030

Continuing undergraduate students who started before 2012

Type of course Fees per year Sandwich placement year fee**
3- and 4-year undergraduate degrees £3,465 -
4-year undergraduate degree (thick sandwich; one long placement) £3,465 £680
4-year undergraduate degree (thin sandwich; two short placements) £3,465 £680
Foundation degree £3,465 -
Continuing part-time study £210 per 10 credits -