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Self help, websites and other organisations

There is a lot of information out there that might be helpful to you. We've accumulated a list of websites and organisations that we think might be relevant and appropriate for all kinds of issues.

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Common Issues

There are a number of common issues students talk to us about, including anxiety, depression and exam stress.

  • The Mix - Support and information for young carers


What to do in an emergency


  • If you are in danger and are able to talk, dial “999” to speak with an operator.
  • If you are in danger and are unable to talk or signal your call is an emergency, dial “999 55” to be put through to the police, otherwise your call may be terminated.


To ascertain your situation and location, the police may ask questions that can be answered by tapping your phone.

The police may not be able to trace your call. Calls from a landline phone are linked to an address, however, calls from mobiles will only show your general location.

The police have specially trained officers who can provide support and practical assistance to those who suffer domestic abuse for example by making your home safer. The police are based in local safeguarding units and can be contacted on 01274 376 581 and 01274 376 744 and by email on


Immediate online support by Women's Aid: 

University Support Services

If you are at risk of homelessness, please contact our Student Life Team to discuss the support available.  


External Support Services

Qwell - Free digital mental wellbeing support for adults across the UK

Kooth Student - Online emotional wellbeing and mental health support.