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Urgent Help

If you feel helpless, hopeless or unable to cope, you may start thinking about self-harm or suicide.  Such thoughts and feelings can be frightening and overwhelming – please do reach out and ask for help.

If you are feeling suicidal and unable to keep yourself safe, please call Bradford NHS First Response on 0800 952 1181, call 999, or go to Bradford A&E and ask to speak to the local Crisis Team.

Alternatively, please contact the Counselling & Mental Health Service and we will respond to you as quickly as we can and provide you with a confidential and safe place to talk and be heard.  But please remember, we are not a crisis service.  

Internal support

External support

  • Contact your own GP (doctor). If you are not registered our local medical practice is Bradford Student Health

  • In a mental health crisis, call Bradford NHS First Response on 0800 952 1181.  A call-handler will answer and quickly assess your needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Call NHS Choices 111 or visit their website NHS 111 service

  • Call the Samaritans (24 hour national helpline) on 116 123 or visit the Samaritans website
  • Text "Shout" to free 24/7 text service for anyone in crisis

  • University security: +44(0) 1274 23 8888 or non-emergency 6999

  • Bradford College security: +44(0) 1274 43 3090 or in an emergency dial 555 from a college phone
  • Download SafeZone to your mobile phone to request help and alert University of Bradford security staff

  • I’m concerned about domestic and sexual abuse or forced marriage - what can I do?

    • If you are in danger and are able to talk, dial 999 to speak with an operator.

    • If you are in danger and are unable to talk or signal your call is an emergency, dial 999 55 to be put through to the police, otherwise your call may be terminated. To ascertain your situation and location, the police may ask questions that can be answered by tapping your phone.

    • The police may not be able to trace your call. Calls from a landline phone are linked to an address, however, calls from mobiles will only show your general location.

  • Contact the Student Life Team for support and advice about financial issues:  email or call +44 (0)1274 23 6504

  • Our local police force, West Yorkshire Police, has lots of advice for students on how to stay safe, and what to do if you're a victim of crime. Take a look at their Student Safety website.

  • The Complete University Guide also has a useful guide to staying safe at university.

  • Please look through our Self-Help resources for more information, advice, and support relating to these and other issues.  

If you are worried about a friend or house mate please contact us and ask to speak to one of our Mental Health Advisers. They will be able to talk to you about your concerns and options for support.  

 Please also contact us if you need to speak with someone following an extreme mental health event with a student or staff member.

Mental health emergency and suicide risk response protocol

If you are a staff member seriously concerned about a student's mental health and wellbeing please click on the link above and follow the Mental Health Emergency & Suicide Risk Response Protocol

If you require this information in an alternative format, please contact our team. You can also read our Website Accessibility Statement.