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Sebastian Obeta

MSc Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

A profile picture of a student on placement

Why did you apply to the University and why did you choose that course?

My desire to pursue another course at the same academic level is to improve my career prospects and career ambition. My dream is to be a data scientist and my goal is to impart my dream with practical knowledge and expertise to evaluate, design, and build intelligent systems using an extensive range of tools and techniques. It became a necessity for me to pursue another master’s in Artificial intelligence which is the tool needed in making impact and autonomy. MSc in Artificial intelligence will open up a world of opportunities for me to better Understand the systems and tools in creating a cutting edge AI applications because, with Artificial intelligence, the possibilities are truly endless. I applied to University of Bradford, because they are outstanding.

How did you find and secure your placement?

I did not secure a Job but rather a Tier two Job. I saw the Job on LinkedIn, applied to it, went for the interview and was successful.

Tell us about your placement (Role and responsibilities)

Design and develop a variety of dynamic data visualizations and reports using appropriate BI tools. Provide management information, metrics, and actionable insights to internal University stakeholders at all levels. Analyse requirements for changes to systems and business processes needed to deliver timely and accurate management information, suggest improvements to relevant processes and implement appropriate changes. Use strong business acumen, as well as an ability to communicate findings, and mine vast amounts of data for useful insights Use these insights to influence how an organisation approaches business challenges Use a combined knowledge of computer science and applications, modelling, statistics, analytics and maths to solve

It can be daunting but keep applying until you get it. It is a game of numbers.

Was it a worthwhile experience? If so, how? What have you learnt?  

It’s a worthwhile experience because I learn everyday.

What are your future plans now that you have completed your course?

To gain more experience and industrial recognition.

What advice would you give to future students thinking about doing a placement?

It can be daunting but keep applying until you get it. It is a game of numbers.