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Recruiting international students and graduates

At the University of Bradford, we are privileged to host many international students from around 100 different countries

Here are some ways your organisation can benefit:

  • Help to fill skill shortages: International students often bring a diverse set of skills and experiences. Hiring them can help address skill gaps within your organisation. Expand your talent pool: By considering international students, you expand your potential talent pool, accessing individuals with unique perspectives and qualifications. New perspectives and ideas: International students can bring fresh ideas and diverse perspectives to your organisation, fostering innovation and creativity. Increased diversity: Hiring international students contributes to a more diverse workplace, which has been shown to enhance productivity and creativity. 
  • Boost your brand awareness, internationally: Having a diverse workforce that includes international talent can enhance your organisation's reputation on a global scale. 
  • Global client management: International hires may bring cultural insights that can be beneficial when dealing with clients or customers from various backgrounds. 
  • Part-time work or casual roles: International students are often seeking part-time work opportunities during their studies, providing your organisation with a flexible workforce. 
  • Internships or placements: Offering internships or placements to international students can be mutually beneficial. They gain valuable work experience, and your organisation benefits from their skills and global perspectives. 
  • Roles that require prior experience: Consider connecting with our students who may have the specialist skills or experience that you are looking. 
  • Graduate Visa Route: The UK's graduate visa route allows international students to work in the country for up to two years after completing their course. This offers a flexible option for employers without the need for company sponsorship. 
  • Sponsoring via the Skilled Worker Visa Route: If you're looking for longer-term commitments, holding a sponsor licence allows your organisation to recruit international graduates through a more straightforward application process.


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