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Pre-formulation Analysis

Preformulation studies have a significant part to play in anticipating formulation problems and identifying logical paths in both liquid and solid dosage form development. The Centre offers a complete preformulation analytical package that is tailored to the requirements of the client.

Typically, our preformulation analytical package can include any of the following:

  • Solubility (aqueous, solvent and biorelevant media), pKa, logP/D;
  • Moisture content, sorption analysis;
  • Thermal analysis (thermal behaviour, melting point);
  • Structural characterization; FTIR, UV/Vis, fluorescence, NMR, MSn;
  • Particle morphology, size and size distribution;
  • Polymorph and salt screening;
  • Solid state and solution stability;
  • Drug-excipient compatibility and packaging component compatibility.
stability cabinet image

Stability storage cabinets at the Centre (standard, accelerated and bespoke conditions)