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Skin Applications Analysis

The University of Bradford has for many years been a leading contributor of research into the analysis of skin samples using Raman Spectroscopy.  We offer services for the development and implementation of Raman spectroscopic methodology for determining levels of active ingredients and distribution / penetration in skin samples.  

We have worked on a number of projects using three-dimensional mapping techniques to investigate active concentration depth profiling in applied skin samples.  The Centre has close links with the “Centre for Skin Science” and “Ethical Tissue Ltd” at the University of Bradford.  We can obtain skin samples from Ethical Tissue Ltd located at the University of Bradford

Key active areas

  • In vivo analysis of skin composition;
  • Study penetration and transdermal delivery of topically applied compounds;
  • Quantification of active ingredients in the skin.

Recent projects

  • Analysis of inorganics in skin and mummification residues (archaeological application); 
  • In vitro DMSO treatment stratum corneum;
  • Distribution of 'actives' applied from UV blocking creams (sun-creams);
  • Assessment of moisture levels and levels of desiccation pre-and post- moisturiser treatment.
Raman map of skin sample

Raman map of an API on a skin sample