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Deformulation analysis

Deformulation is an analytical approach that deconstructs a product into its constituent components. Complete deformulation analysis can lead to a thorough understanding of the product.  In general, deformulation is applied to product development and benchmarking, including competitor product analysis.

Typically, studies involve developing a broad range of analytical methods together with appropriate extraction and separation methods to identify and then quantify the components of a complex formulation.

Our analysts will use all the information available on the formulation to help us to undertake the deformulation more effectively, this can include a thorough literature search.

Deformulation may be a full quantitative description of all components or a semi-quantitative identification of the major and minor components, such that their chemical moiety and function in the formulation can be identified.

We have a great deal of experience of working with many different formulation types across multiple sectors including pharmaceutical applications (topically applied gels, creams, ointments and lotions), personal care (mouthwashes, creams, make-up products) and even sports performance enhancers.

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HPLC analysis with Waters 2790 separation module