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REACH Services

We offer a wide range of analytical techniques and expertise to identify chemical substances and give advice on analytical methodologies that may be performed for you to comply with REACH.

We provide bespoke testing of substances using a range of analytical techniques:

  • HPLC;
  • Mass Spectrometry;
  • Vibrational Spectroscopy;
  • Thermal Analysis;
  • Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy;
  • X-ray Diffraction.

We can also offer a more specific service suited to your needs in compliance with REACH.

For a speedy response and competitive pricing please get in touch with your REACH requirements.


We provide Basic ID information for substances (main components, essential additives and impurities) such as:

  • Public Name, Trade Names, CAS name and number;
  • Chemical Name in IUPAC Nomenclature, EINECS/ELINCS number;
  • Molecular and structural formula, including SMILES notation;
  • A series of initial Analytical testing that we can perform using our on-site instrumentation such as;
    • Basic spectral data acquisition using NMR, IR and UV-Vis methods;
    • Stereochemistry-identifying specific optical/geometric isomers;
    • Mineral identification-Spectral fingerprints;
    • Fully interpreted spectra and chromatograms.


We provide the Sameness Package in which we can provide the following:

  • Basic ID information on main components, essential additives and impurities;
  • Basic spectral data acquisition for characterisation;
  • The purity of a substance: classified under REACH as a chemical purity, a chiral purity or any essential additives within the substance;
  • The composition of a substance including an estimate of the % of the total for each component in multi-component substances;
  • Identification of impurities and typical % values in terms of w/w of substance;
  • Fully interpreted data and comparison to database standards.