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Governance and nominations committee

The Governance and Nominations Committee considers nominations for membership of Council and reports to Council on the overall effectiveness of governance arrangements. The Committee ensures that there is an appropriate range of skills and expertise on Council and that there is effective succession planning. The Committee has a broader role to ensure institutional compliance with a range of legal and regulatory matters including the arrangements for the Students’ Union, subsidiary company arrangements, OfS regulatory requirements and legal compliance with the exception of health and safety and Prevent which are handled elsewhere.

Terms of reference and membership

Below are the Membership and Terms of Reference for Governance and Nominations Committee: 

Meeting Dates 2023-24

  • Friday 20 October 2023 (deadline for receipt of papers 12 noon, 06 October 2023),
  • Thursday 08 February 2024 (deadline for receipt of papers 12 noon, 25 January 2024).
  • Thursday 20 June 2024 (deadline for receipt of papers 12 noon, 06 June 2024).

Please contact for any queries relating to this committee and membership. NB Late documents will not normally be accepted and will be deferred to the next meeting.