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University committees are a core component of the University's governance structure and decision-making processes. In addition to ensuring decisions are fully considered and formally recorded they are used for consultation and communication.

View the University Committee Structure 2022-23 (PDF, 240KB).

The Senate provides oversight for all academic quality and standards.

The Council are responsible for delivering the University’s overall mission and strategy.

The Executive Board is responsible for the leadership and coordination the University.

The court appoints the University chancellor and maintains good links with the city and the surrounding region.

The Assembly provides a consultative and advisory role on any matter of concern to the University community. 

Committee year planner

The dates for when the committees take place are set out in our Committee year planner.

Committee templates and scheme of delegation

Committee templates for reports and agendas are available for members of staff on the Governance sharepoint pages. You may need to log in to view these pages.

The scheme of delegration sets out the responsibilities and financial limits. It is part of the University’s governance framework and is intended to facilitate effective decision making, support enhanced corporate governance practices and help committees and individuals understand their roles and the limits of their powers. It also highlights those responsibilities ‘reserved’ for Council which cannot be delegated.