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Arrival in Bradford

Following the correct course registration and withdrawal processes will ensure timely receipt of your loan.

This will enable you to pay for your tuition and also help correctly determine any relevant refund should you leave.

On arrival

It could take a few weeks for your loan to become available, so make sure you have enough money to cover your living costs during this time.


Visit out New students website for more information.

No payment can be made to you until you register as a student.

Receiving your loan

Federal Loan funds are paid to the University. We use the money to cover your tuition fees and then pay the remainder into your UK bank account. You will receive an email before the start of term asking you to confirm you wish to take the loan. If you do not send confirmation your funding could be delayed.

Paying your accommodation fees

You are responsible for paying your accommodation costs and this will be included in the money disbursed to you.

Satisfactory academic progress

You must meet the University’s Satisfactory Academic Policy (SAP) to continue receiving your loan payments.

For taught students this means passing every module.

For research students, your course supervisor must agree that you are making satisfactory progress.

Course withdrawal and return of Title IV funds

If you’re considering withdrawing from your course then contact the International Student Office for immigration advice before making your decision.

If you withdraw from the University and you have received Federal funding then some of your refunded fees may have to be returned to the US Federal Aid Program, especially if you have completed less than 60% of the loan period.

Your tuition fee refund is calculated based on your accurate completion of the University’s leaving procedure.

How fees are charged

You won’t receive any further funding once you have withdrawn from your course.

The University has a written policy on the return of Title IV funds.