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Tuition fees for postgraduate research International students

September 2024 - August 2025

For students starting in 2024 fees will be fixed for the duration of the course (subject to a maximum number of years).

Type/Faculty Full-time/part-time Fee per year
Lab-based (Faculties of Life Sciences, Health Studies, Engineering & Informatics) PHD/MPhil Full-time £24,180 (there may be an additional bench fee of £5,000 or £10,000 dependant on the research project. This will be determined by the Faculty at the point of application.)
Classroom-based (Faculties of Management & Law, Social Sciences) PHD/MPhil Full-time £20,468
Lab-based (Faculties of Life Sciences, Health Studies, Engineering & Informatics) PHD/MPhil Part-time £12,090
Classroom-based (Faculties of Management & Law, Social Sciences) PHD/MPhil Part-time £10,234
Distance Learning PHD Full-time £20,468
Distance Learning PHD Part-time £10,234
DBA - years 1,2 Part-time £14,350
DBA - years 3,4 Part-time £8,280
DBA - subsequent years Full-time £5,520

Transfer to writing up fees

This change takes effect for students who registered on, or after, 1 October 2016.

Note that we apply a reduced fee when you have formally transferred to the stage of your studies when you are writing up your thesis. This is after a minimum of three years for full-time students and a minimum of four years for part-time students. Transfer to writing up status is not automatic. Your faculty will be asked to confirm that you have completed any experimentation or data collection and are drafting your final thesis.  

Following transfer to writing up full-time students, and part-time students at the point of transfer, will be charged as follows:

Submission date after transferFee
First 12 months £350 

After 12 months any student still at writing up stage may be charged the full tuition fee for the current academic year

Students who are required to undertake major corrections, which involve a further re-examination of the thesis, will be charged a one-off fee (currently £500) during the following 12-month period.

Please note, the 15% Alumni Discount is not applicable to the writing up fee.

This fee is also not reduced if you submit your thesis earlier.

Payment of fees by members of staff


In some cases the faculty/directorate may cover the associated tuition fees of staff wanting to study, however this would be agreed on a case by case basis.

Any member of staff wanting to attend a course offered by a faculty or directorate would need to agree this with their line manager as part of their development, and discuss the time commitment in connection with their role.