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When to pay your fees

There are different options available for you to pay your fees depending on how you are funding your study.  

The options below are the University's payment terms and form part of your Student Contract if you chose to study with us.

For most courses, you will be required to pay at least 50% of your fee charge to complete (re-)enrolment on your course unless the University has received confirmation you either have a loan approved for your year of study and/or approved sponsorship to cover your fees in full, and your approved funding is paid to the University directly. 

If you have partial loan and/or sponsorship approved, you will be required to pay 50% of the difference between your approved funding and your fee charge to complete your (re-)enrolment.

Further guidance on these options can be found in the sections below and if you have any questions about your payment terms, please contact the Credit Control Team for guidance:

Pay in full

You can pay your fees in full before or during your online (re-)enrolment for any course you study with the University.

If you pay your tuition fees in full, before or at (re-)enrolment, the University currently offers an early payment discount scheme*, reducing the amount you need to pay for your course.

*eligibility criteria applies 

Pay by instalments

The University offers payment plans to help you pay for your study in easier amounts, at no extra charge.  

The payment plans available to you will depend on the course you are studying, when you (re-)enrol on your course, the number of semesters you are studying and your fee charge. 

Payment plans are not available for fee charges of £500.00 or under and must be paid in full, before or during your (re-)enrolment.

Undergraduate tuition fee loan

Eligible Home students can apply for a non-income assessed tuition fee loan from Student Finance to cover the cost of their fees.

If you are eligible and your funding has been approved, Student Finance will notify the University and confirm the tuition fee loan amount approved.  This funding must be approved to be able to (re-)enrol and the tuition fee loan will be paid to the University directly on your behalf towards your tuition fees.

If your tuition fee loan is not approved for the course and/or course year your are studying, payments are not made or funding is withdrawn, you will be responsible for the payment of any outstanding fees in full. 

Previous study in Higher Education will effect your tuition fee funding from Student Finance.  Contact your Student Finance provider directly to confirm the amount and type of funding you can receive.


Postgraduate loans

If you're starting a Postgraduate course, you may be eligible for one of the government's postgraduate loans. 

Eligible Home Masters students can apply for a Postgraduate Masters Loan of up to £11,836 for courses starting from 01 August 2022 and up to £12,167.00 for courses starting from 01 August 2023 .

Eligible Home Doctoral students can apply for the Postgraduate Doctoral Loan of up to £27,892 for courses starting from 01 August 2022 and up to £28,673 for courses starting from 01 August 2023.

The loan payments paid directly to you each term can be used towards your fees, and you can either pay in full, or pay in instalments.

Please note the Postgraduate loan is a contribution towards the costs of your study.  It may not cover your fees, course materials, travel, and living costs in full, so you may need to have access to an additional income to meet these costs.


If your employer or Government agency is covering the cost of your course, please forward your Financial Guarantee (Sponsorship) letter or Purchase Order form to the Credit Control team so we can approve and update this on your account for you.

Payment terms for sponsors is payment in full within 30 days from the date the invoice is raised (payment plans are not available).

If confirmation of sponsor funding is not received, they do not pay, or the funding is withdrawn, you will be responsible for the payment of any outstanding fees in full.

Family members and/or friends cannot be accepted as your sponsor but they can make payments on your behalf.  You will need to make sure these payments are received by the university before or on the date they are due.


When you complete your (re-)enrolment with the university, you agree to pay your fees in line with our payment terms and must ensure you have the funds needed to pay for your study and living expenses, and have these in place before you start or continue your study. 

Further information on funding and scholarships can be found here.

The contractual responsibility to ensure fees are paid in line with the University payment terms remains with you, even if your fees are being paid by a third party (sponsor, loan, family member for example) and the following policies and procedures will apply as part of your agreement with the University:

Applicants with an outstanding debt from previous study with the University wishing to return to study a new course at the University will need to clear any outstanding debt with the University before any offer of study can be confirmed.