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'The University of Bradford' printed on a statue in front of the Health Studies building.


Engineering (Erasmus Exchange Programme)

Nayera is from Egypt and came to Bradford through the Erasmus exchange programme. She spent one year here, completing the final year of her Engineering degree.

My year at Bradford

"I secured a scholarship to study at Bradford."

“In Egypt, you do a degree over five years. I did the first four years of my Engineering degree at Tanta University in Egypt, and while I was in my fourth year, an opportunity came up to complete my final year at Bradford through the Erasmus Exchange Programme. 

“I’d been looking for an exchange opportunity for a long time, so I was really excited when I saw it and applied straight away. I was lucky enough to secure it, and I also received a scholarship to cover the costs.  

“Completing the exchange programme means I now have two degrees – one from my home university in Egypt, and another from Bradford.”

From Egypt to Bradford

"I learnt how to study independently."

“The teaching in the UK is really different to in Egypt, and I really benefitted from developing new study techniques.

“At Bradford, the lecturers and tutors encourage a lot of independent study, and they help you to find things out for yourself. At home, it’s much more prescriptive and you don’t have to make as much effort. The tutors at Bradford helped me to think about things more, and it’s helped me grow so much academically.

“I now know how to carry out in-depth research properly, and how to effectively report my findings.”  

Life on campus

"I'm much more independent now."

“I lived at home with my parents in Egypt, so when I moved to Bradford, it was the first time I had lived by myself. I stayed at The Green, which is the University accommodation, and I learnt how to manage my own money and live independently.

“I wasn’t that sociable before I came to Bradford, and found it hard to make friends, but living at The Green enabled me to meet new people and I made lots of friends from all over the world. I’m much more confident now, and I know a lot more about other cultures."

Students moving into The Green halls of residence

At Bradford, the lecturers and tutors encourage a lot of independent study, and they help you to find things out for yourself.


Making friends at Bradford

"There are great study areas."

“I didn’t get to attend many face-to-face lectures and most of my learning was online due to Covid-19, but the University still kept its study areas open.

“I spent a lot of time studying with friends in the Richmond Building, which is a really comfortable place to complete university work. I could also mix with other students there, and it was a great place to meet other people and make friends.”   


Hiking, riding, climbing and more...

"The University organised trips for Erasmus students."

“The team at Bradford organised a lot of trips for all the Erasmus students, which helped us to get to know each other, and the UK.

“We went on all sorts of outings, where there were lots of activities to take part in, including hiking, bike riding and climbing.  

“All the trips were fantastic, and I got to do a lot of new things and meet new people.”  

Opening doors to the future

"My degree will enable me to fulfil my ambitions."

“My degree from Bradford will open so many doors for me, both in Egypt and internationally.

“I’d like to work as a civil engineer for an international company so I can travel, and my degree will help me to secure my dream role and fulfil my career ambitions.”

Life in Bradford

"Bradford is a great city."

“I really like Bradford. It’s small and compact and full of old, beautiful buildings.

“It has everything you need and is really easy to get around, and it also has fantastic food – there are so many amazing places to eat.”   

Bradford City Park and Mirror Pool lit up a night

Support whilst studying

"It's such a supportive environment."

“The team at Bradford were so brilliant when I arrived and helped me to settle in really quickly.

“They picked me up from the airport, took me to my university accommodation and gave me really detailed information about what to do if I needed anything. My tutor, who is also Egyptian, got in touch too to say he was always available if I needed any help or support.

“There were three lockdowns while I was studying at Bradford, but the University teams were always on hand to help. They sent us food when we needed it, as well as gifts to make the times we were stuck inside easier. 

“Bradford really looks after its students, and I always felt very supported.”

Grab it and go for it

"My time at Bradford exceeded my expectations."

“My course was fantastic and I made friends with people from all over the world.

“I enjoyed everything about being at Bradford, and it really exceeded all my expectations.

“I’m now much more confident, have made lots of new friends, learnt about other cultures and picked up so many brilliant life and study skills. It was such an exciting year.”

"My advice to students hoping to follow in my footsteps."

“If a study exchange opportunity comes up, grab it and go for it. Going to another country and learning to study in a different way is hard at first, but if you stick with it, it’s so worth it. You learn new things, meet new people and get to live completely independently – it really does make you grow as a person.

“It’s also really important to manage your time well. If it’s your first time in the UK, explore the country and enjoy yourself, but always keep focused on your studies too.”  

Erasmus Exchange student, Nayera Hasanen stood in front of the University statue

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