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BSc (Hons) Public Health and Community Wellbeing

Meet Jenna

  • Has undertaken a varied range of placements in organisations working with vulnerable people
  • Has been offered a job by her current placement provider 
  • Passionate about addressing social inequalities, public health and facilitating change in communities
Jenna Hunter, BSc (Hons) Public Health and Community Wellbeing

Gaining experience

“I have absolutely loved my placements. We were able to pick organisations in areas that we were passionate about and therefore really wanted to work with.

“I did a placement with a charity called HOPE. This organisation supported people in the community with mental health issues. I ran support groups and did home assessments.

“My current placement is at St Anne’s in Leeds. I have been lucky enough to secure a part-time job as a Community Care Officer. This fits around my studies. I am passionate about supporting homeless people and this enables me to do so.”

The team at careers are really helpful. They can offer advice on a range of things, including placements.

Transferable skills 

"During this course, I've developed a number of transferable skills and it has given me the knowledge and experience to put this into practice in my career. 

"I feel confident knowing that with the skills I've developed I could help make a positive change to the future of health and social care. 

"My immediate goals are to focus on finishing my final year, whilst also working hard at my new role in employment. My long-term goals are to continue to have a career in something I feel passionate about."

I think this is such a positive and exciting course which offers a huge window of employment opportunity afterwards.

Making a difference

"I chose to study Public Health and Community Wellbeing as I have a passion for helping facilitate change within Health and Social Care and I recognise the importance of giving the community a voice in the hope of tackling inequalities in this sector. 

"Given the obvious struggles within the NHS, I feel it is extremely important as professionals and as a community to help take the strain from them as much as we can and support our community in their health needs, working with stakeholders to improve quality of care and tackling inequalities in health and social care."

Public Health and Community Wellbeing

Our innovative and interdisciplinary programme prepares you for a wide range of graduate roles related to health, wellbeing and social care, in public, private or voluntary organisations.

The programme is designed for those who want to work flexibly, innovatively and responsibly with individuals or communities to improve their health and wellbeing by tackling social disadvantage and health inequalities.

You will develop a critical understanding of the skills required for the delivery of health and social care services and be taught by a diverse staff team that includes health professionals, psychologists, sociologists, epidemiologists and other experts who are actively involved in health research.

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