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BSc (Hons) Clinical Technology

Class of 2022 graduate Elzarie joined the University of Bradford to study BSc (Hons) Clinical Technology as an international student in 2019. She travelled over 6,000 miles from South Africa to study in the UK for the first time.

This is her story...

I always wanted to study in the UK

"I studied Human Movement Science and then Exercise Physiology at the University of the Free State in South Africa.

"In my final-year, my professor introduced me to clinical technology. I found it really interesting, so I started researching further study routes.

"When I was at school, I always wanted to study in the UK.

"I was a dancer and used to travel to Blackpool to compete in the Freestyle World Championships at Blackpool Winter Gardens, so I was quite familiar with the country and the North in particular.

"When I searched for clinical technology degrees in the UK, Bradford was the first one that came on my radar, and luckily, I got a place on the course."

On the first day at university, I was scared

"I remember thinking "please someone talk to me!"

"But I quickly made friends.

"The first year was challenging, as there were modules and subjects that I never experienced before but that turned out to be one of the best things about the course for me.

"Every single module is so different from another – you study everything from radiology and renal technology, to prosthetics, cell biology, design and electronics.

"I was always so excited for the next year, to see what new modules we’d study next. It keeps you interested."

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I wanted to do practical work all the time.

"I loved the facilities on campus and the equipment we had access to. The labs were really exciting, and I got to practice my skills every day with tools and machinery that are used in the industry.  Compared to South Africa, this was another world.

"The University helped me secure a role at a regulatory firm in Leeds, so I worked there alongside my studies in my final-year. It helped put my theoretical knowledge from the course into practice."

I had an idea that I would specialise in prosthetics when I came to Bradford.

"When I studied tissue engineering and cell culture, I suddenly realised how much I enjoyed working in labs, and my ambition shifted.

"My final-year project was all about tissue engineering and biomaterials; I had to create a product that could be used within the body as a treatment for bacterial infections."

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Clinical Technology is a new course; there aren’t many universities doing it. In my opinion, Bradford is ahead of the curve with their programme.


I hope to do my PhD at Bradford

"I want to continue my final-year project and secure funding for further research in this field. However, in the meantime, I have been applying for lab work, clinical research roles, and jobs in the orthopedic industry.

"You can go into so many different jobs with this degree – from radiography assistant to renal technologist, clinical engineer, or design and development research roles. You can also work in regulatory roles or quality assurance.

"It’s a good direction to go in because it combines medical and technology skills, and given the prominence of technology in today’s society, these skills and knowledge are absolutely vital to stay ahead.

"Biotechnology treatments for diseases are only going to become more popular."

Explore where your interests lie

"Keep an open mind, take every module as it comes, enjoy the practicals, and choose a final-year project that you are really interested in.

"You have the opportunity for your final-year project work to be published, which I’ve found to be an excellent selling point when talking to potential future employers."

A student smiling at the camera

Interested in clinical technology?