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Nursing (Adult) - Mid-Yorkshire Hospitals BSc (Hons)

Anees studied BSc (Hons) Nursing (Adult) - Mid-Yorkshire Hospitals here at Bradford, which he completed in 2021. He is now a registered nurse at the Stroke and Neurology Rehab Unit at Dewsbury Hospital.

This is his story…

Securing my place

"I’d been working at Dewsbury Hospital for a few years in various roles, including as a domestic assistant and a dementia safety support worker, before becoming a healthcare assistant. I then saw this course advertised and thought it looked like a great opportunity and knew I had to apply. My previous experience made me stand out and I secured my place."

Bradford nursing students together in their uniforms

Taught in a hospital setting

"I was in the first-ever cohort of the Mid-Yorkshire Hospitals Adult Nursing degree, and it really appealed to me as it was based in a hospital setting. The facilities are all brand new too, so you have access to both the hospital and state-of-the-art learning facilities.

"There’s a separate building at Dewsbury Hospital, which is dedicated to the University and where you do all your classroom-based learning. However, as well as the facilities at the hospital, you also have access to all the on-campus facilities at Bradford, so you can still use the library or go there to socialise or take part in events whenever you want."

Plenty of flexibility

"I reduced my hours as a health care assistant when I started the course, but I continued working and earning whilst studying for my degree. That’s one of the great things about the course, it’s really flexible in terms of timetabling, so there were a lot of mature students like me on it, as it allows you to balance learning with other commitments, like work and family.  

"It’s definitely a course to consider if you need flexibility, and as it’s in a hospital setting, you are taught in smaller class sizes too, so it’s great if studying on campus at a university seems too overwhelming for you."

Varied modules

"You study a wide range of different modules on the degree, which provides you with the knowledge you need to go on to become a qualified nurse. We covered everything from anatomy and physiology to clinical skills, acute care and long-term conditions, which included things like diabetes, learning disabilities and COPD."

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The way the course is taught is interactive and fun, and the tutors are fantastic. All the tutors also get to know you personally, and as well as being there to support you academically, they are also always on hand if you need additional help or support in other areas.


Experience from Placements

"Mid-Yorkshire Hospitals Trust comprises Dewsbury Hospital, Pinderfields Hospital, Pontefract Hospital and community settings across the region, so there are lots of opportunities to do work placements in different locations and within different specialisms across the Trust.

"I did eight placements in total, three in my first year, three in my second year, and two longer ones in my final year, and I gained so much varied experience.

"My placements included working in the bowel and colorectal surgery department at Pinderfields, in ICU at Pinderfields twice (both pre and during Covid), in haematology at Pinderfields, in a plastic surgery department, in the endoscopy unit at Dewsbury, in an elderly ward, and with the community nursing team at a health centre.

"Each one was fantastic, and together they have given me a wide-reaching and deep understanding of the human body and medicine.

"As well as undertaking my required placements, I also proactively got in touch with people to ask for work experience in other areas, which is easy to do as you’re based in a hospital setting. This resulted in me experiencing and learning about so many different things, and I was lucky enough to see things like organ retrieval for donation and post-mortems."

Putting in the work

"I worked really hard throughout my degree and went above and beyond to gain as much experience as I could. I’m glad I did as it was recognised. In 2019, I became the first student on my course to win Student Nurse of the Month, after being nominated for it by my colleagues. I got awarded it again in 2020 for being flexible and enthusiastic.

"You’re lucky if you get it once, so getting it twice shows that if you put the work in, it’s noticed, and you reap the rewards."

Where I am today

"My degree has been instrumental in getting me to where I am today. You learn so much, and after qualifying, I got a job in ICU at Pinderfields Hospital where I spent four months before transferring to the Stroke and Neurology Rehab Unit at Dewsbury Hospital.   

"The skills I learned, the experience I gained, and the contacts I made on the course were all instrumental in me securing my role."

Advice to others

"Keep your options open and gain as many skills, experiences and opportunities as you can, both prior to and during the course. Every bit of experience helps, even voluntary, so do as many placements as you can. Having extra experience really makes you stand out and strengthens your CV.

"Plus, as the course is based in a hospital setting, there are so many opportunities to build up your network of contacts and gain extra experience in areas that really interest you. Take advantage of that and don’t be shy to ask for work experience – you’ll find that most people are happy to help."

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