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Student grants

As a student at the University of Bradford, you may be able to apply for money to help with the cost of living expenses.

On this page, we list some of the key grants that may be available to you.

Funding from the government

Adult Dependants' Grant

The Adult Dependant’s Grant can help you if you’re financially responsible for another adult.

Childcare Grant

The Childcare Grant is for parents or guardians who need help with childcare costs.

Disabled Students Allowance

The Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) can support you with the additional costs of studying with a physical or mental health condition.

NHS Learning Support Fund

The NHS Learning Support Fund provides additional financial support to students studying university healthcare courses.

Funding from the University

DSA Refund Grant

The DSA Refund Grant offers financial assistance for students receiving DSA who wish to purchase a computer.

Estranged Students' Grant

The Estranged students' Grant offers extra financial assistance to students who are not in contact with and are not supported by either of their parents.