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Adult Dependants' Grant

The Adult Dependant’s Grant is an extra amount of money you receive if you’re financially responsible for another adult. The grant is provided by Student Finance England and does not have to be paid back.


The Adult Dependant’s Grant is available to undergraduate students who live in England.

The dependant can be your relative. This includes a parent or grandparent, your husband, wife, partner, or civil partner.

If you’re under 25, the dependant cannot be your partner unless you’re married or in a civil partnership.

Your adult dependant cannot be your child, earning more than £3,796, or receiving student finance for the same academic year as you.

How much can I get?

You will receive £3,354 for the 2023/24 academic year.

Student Finance England will also look at your income, the income of your adult dependant, personal circumstances, and other monetary aid you’re receiving.

Student Finance England will tell you at the start of the year how much they think you are entitled to.

How do I apply for the Adult Dependants’ Grant?

You can apply for the Adult Dependant’s Grant by filling out the relevant section of your application for student finance.

The form will ask for estimates of your household income. Student Finance may ask for further evidence of your financial circumstances.

When will I receive the grant?

The money is paid in 3 instalments, at the start of each academic term.