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International Masters Summer School

28 May - 31 May 2024

Each year the School of Management is very proud to organise and host the annual International Masters Summer School (IMSS).

IMSS brings together Masters-level students from our own, as well as collaborative partner institutions across Europe, the Middle East and Gulf countries for a programme focused on emergent challenges and issues.

Based at the award-winning 'Ecoversity' City Campus, IMSS asks participants to engage in a stimulating week of talks and activities lead by academic and industry experts

"There is no question that climate change is happening; the only arguable point is what part humans are playing in it."


Summer School Theme

In 2024 IMSS will continue it's focus on climate change and sustainability following the Sustainability Grand Challenges in 2023

Join us in May as we explore Activism to Actionism: Climate Change Adaptation, Mitigation, and Circular Economy Strategies.

Climate change is a stark reality which challenges food security, water availability, and our overall ecosystem. The urgency to confront these issues head-on has sparked a worldwide call for organisations to develop circular economy strategies as part of comprehensive climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts

Recognising the interconnectedness of these issues shows there is an urgent demand for innovative approaches that not only mitigate the impact of climate change, but also connect the dots between sustainable and circular economic practices.

Summer School Objectives

Building on a successful participation at COP28 and drawing on context from COP29, we bring the 11th iteration of IMSS to:

  • Develop awareness of challenges and opportunities for sustainability and circular economy in business globally
  • Challenge understanding of conventional linear business models
  • Be inspired by innovative ideas and thinking from practitioners
  • Contribute to a critical thinking forum on sustainability
  • Engage in team-based sustainability discussion and challenges through individual and shared learning
  • Take part in experiential learning and social-cultural experiences

As well as this students will get a unique opportunity to come together with a range of international students from a diverse set of backgrounds, exploring, developing and applying sustainability thinking to practice.

Some of the key aspects of IMSS include the following:

  • Face-to-face sessions included facilitated discussion and collaborative challenges to provide you with provoking and innovative thinking.
  • Keynote lectures from industry and academic experts on key topics in sustainability, circular economy and related topics.
  • Field trips including visits to local sustainability sites, businesses and heritage sites in West Yorkshire.
  • Focus on sustainability and circularity in business with team and self-analysis sessions.
  • Challenging your knowledge of sustainability using the SULITEST tool.

At the end of IMSS student participants will have gained skills or knowledge including:

  • Enhanced knowledge on sustainability issues relating to international business.
  • Critical evaluation skills for conventional business concepts through sustainable perspectives.
  • Great innovative thinking including the development of solutions and ideas for sustainable practice.
  • Analysis skills for conflicting interests in a dynamic international context.
  • Effective communication, negotiation and presentation skills to be utilised in dynamic and culturally diverse settings.

International Masters Summer School aims to help you develop skills, knowledge and understanding of all the topics and dimensions listed above. You will develop modern understanding of current trends and topics related to sustainability which you can apply to your studies and careers.

In addition to this student participants will get:

  • Certificate of completion - all students will receive a certificate of completion upon successful engagement and attendance
  • 10 credits towards your master's degree - students will have the option to register to gain credits towards your degree measured through written assessment 
  • Win one of three IMSS prizes - upon successful attendance students may win prizes for highest mark on the SULITEST and being part of a team video challenge submission

Learn from the Experts

Each year the School of Management invites expert guest speakers to our campus to deliver sessions based on the themes listed above. 

Over the course of the week-long summer school students will hear keynote talks, panel discussions and take part in practical workshops delivered by a series of experts from both academia and industry.

In past iterations of IMSS we have welcomed speakers from international organisations such as the United Nations Development Programme, World Health Organisations, World Wildlife Fund, Green Climate Fund and leading professors from across the globe.

Register your interest for International Masters Summer School

Students from our international partner institutions can now register for IMSS via the link below!

You can also reach out to our dedicated Summer School Team in the School of Management at or speak with your International Office at your Business School who will provide your with further information.


Bradford Learning about Placemaking

See the video from last years International Masters Summer School giving insight into the weeks activities and sustainability tours.