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Professor Prathivadi Anand

Professor-Public Policy & Sustainability

Faculty/Dept/School School of Social Sciences
(Faculty of Management, Law and Social Sciences)
Telephone +441274 233957


Dr Anand is a specialist in environmental economics and public policy with a focus on the interface of urban economy, environment and sustainability. Dr Anand has held various leadership positions including as the Head of Centre for International Development at Bradford (2010-2015). Currently he is the PI of a three year British Academy funded project on infrastructure governance for inclusive, smart and sustainable cities (jointly with Prof Rajan of IIT Madras, India). He was the team leader and principal author of the Mongolia National Human Development Report 2011 titled From vulnerability to sustainability for UNDP. Previously, he had co-organised and led two international workshops at Cambridge (2006 and 2009) and a major international conference at Bradford (2011). He served as elected member of the Senate (2007-2010 and 2013-18) and elected member of senate on the University Council (2015-18). He is a council member of the Development Studies Association and a Fellow of the Human Development and Capability Association.


Teaching interests

Critical Perspectives on Sustainable Development

Governance for Development

Public Policy Analysis

Sustainable Cities

Teaching highlights

Winner of Vice Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching- July 2017

Winner of Vice Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Achievement in September 2016 for my work with Chevening Scholars and promoting Chevening Scholarships at Bradford.

Winner of National Award for Student Nominated Award for Teaching Excellence, Economics Network of the Higher Education Academy, September 2005.

Winner of the Chancellor's Award for Distinguished Teaching, July 2001

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.  

Year Module code Title Subject
DEV7033-BProject Planning and Design
DEV7038-BIssues in Development Practice (AfDB)
PES7048-BSecurity and Development in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Areas
DEV7037-BPolicy Analysis for Governance and Development
DEV7042-BPolicy Analysis for Governance and Development (Distance Learning)
PES7052-BSustainable Cities
DEV7026-BCritical Perspectives on Sustainable Development

Professional activities

  • Organiser: Organised a Workshop on ‘Markets, governance and human development’ at Robinson College, Cambridge, jointly with Des Gasper and Miriam Teschl
  • Principal Investigator: Principal investigator on project ‘Sharing water peacefully: Understanding when collective action for sharing water works and why’ - with a focus on River Cauvery dispute in India - supported by a Small research grant of the British Academy
  • Principal Organiser: Principal Organiser of an international conference on ‘Making development inclusive: MDGs and beyond’
  • Programme Director: Programme director, Chevening Fellowship programme of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Reform, regulation and public service provision
  • Programme Director: Team leader and programme director, knowledge transfer programme of executive education for senior staff of China Development Bank
  • Specialist Consultant: Specialist consultant - design and conduct of household surveys for understanding socio-economic well-being of communities in remote mountain regions in the Pamirs of Tajikistan for the Aga Khan Trust for Culture
  • tbc: Delivering economic and regulatory reform
  • Research: Designed and conducted a study for the evaluation of ‘Aim 4- right to be heard’ for Oxfam GB
  • tbc: National Human Development Report of Mongolia


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