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Current Projects

'Mitrinovic II'.  Researching the provenance of an extraordinary working library.  2017-.

Putting Flesh on the Bones.  Wellcome-funded, cataloguing, preserving and digitising the Calvin Wells Archive.  2015-.

PaxCat 2.  Mapping and cataloguing our wealth of pamphlets, ephemera and archival material on peace campaigns. 2013-.

Quick Wins Programme is putting lots more information about important archives online - fast. 2013-.

Selection of Past Projects

Mitrinovic / New Atlantis Archive Cataloguing Project our project archivist, Emma Burgham, brought to life this large and complex collection to offer new insights into 1930s culture and ideas.  2014-2015.

Untangling the Holdens Project work with student volunteers to discover the rich social, cultural and political detail in the family letters of a 19th century wool manufacturer and politician.  2013-2016.

Meet 100 amazing objects from Special Collections. This interactive online exhibition, inspired by the British Museum/BBC series, brings the story of the University and its Collections to life.  2011-2014.

Jacquetta Hawkes Centenary. Blog, exhibitions and more about an extraordinary woman: archaeologist, poet and naturalist.  2010-2011.

Priestley's Finest Hour. Online exhibition reflecting on J.B. Priestley's 1940 Postscript broadcasts, as they happened.  June-October 2010.

The initial phase of the PaxCat Project, supported by the National Cataloguing Grants Scheme, catalogued and raised awareness of the most significant of the Commonweal Archives. 2008-2010.

Mitrinovic Conservation Projects.  Various welcome donations over the past few years have enabled us to conserve books in the Mitrinovic Library and provide better storage for the related archives of the New Atlantis Foundation.

COPAC Challenge Fund. Our printed books, maps, and journals are much more widely known thanks to the COPAC Challenge Fund. Now their catalogue records appear on COPAC, where they join 32 million records from UK libraries.  2009.