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PaxCat Projects

The PaxCat projects are bringing the Commonweal Archives to life!

PaxCat 1

The first phase ran from May 2009-May 2010 and was supported by the National Cataloguing Grants Scheme. The Project Archivist Helen Roberts catalogued many wonderful resources, which we can now make available to the public for the first time. Alison Cullingford, Special Collections Librarian, managed the Project.  Helen's reflections and discoveries were shared in the PaxCat Blog and in our e-newsletter PaxCat News (below). The full catalogues can be seen on the Archives Hub and in Word format on the pages for individual collections. The PaxCat Project Gallery on Flickr showcases 36 of the most appealing and interesting images from these archives.

PaxCat 2

We're now working on a second phase of the project, which will appraise, map and catalogue the remaining archives, pamphlets, ephemera and other material.  Follow our progress via the PaxCat 2 project page.

PaxCat Project Newsletter

The newsletter was published to enable our friends and supporters to keep in touch with progress. We aren't currently publishing a newsletter for this project, as we are reaching out in other ways, but here are the back issues.

PaxCat Project Newsletter: June 2010 (pdf, 472 KB) - Helen's roundup of the amazing archives discovered by the Project. Come march with us! Embrace the base. Project launch and online gallery.

PaxCat Project Newsletter: October 2009 (pdf, 495 KB) - The Commonweal Story, Barbara Bruce, No to the H-bomb!

PaxCat Project Newsletter: June 2009 (pdf, 452 KB) - Introducing the Project, Meet the Project Team, Publicising the Project via the Archives Hub.