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Digitised files

The Digitised File Collection is a collection of either photocopied or digitised papers which are recommended core readings. The files are typically journal articles, book chapters or other material needed by students, which are in high demand.

The repeated copying/printing of the these documents is permitted under the Copyright Licencing Agency (CLA) Higher Education Licence, which the University of Bradford has signed up to. Under this licence all digitised material must be reported to the CLA on an annual basis, this is done by the library.

A student using a tablet.

How are items accessed by students?

Print copies

Print items are kept in separate files, one copy per file, behind the library counter.

They are issued for a 2-hour period.

The files are all listed on the Library Catalogue, and can be searched for either under the author or title of the item, or under the lecturer name. Each digitised file is allocated a reference number; this number is needed by the library staff to locate the file behind the counter.

Digital copies

PDFs are supplied which are accessible via reading lists.

What can be put in a file?

There are restrictions on what is allowed under the licence. The CLA have arrangements with publishers to allow copying of their material. Items which are from publications not covered by the licence cannot be provided in the collection. There are also restrictions to how much of an item can be reproduced, as given below.

  • Up to 10% or one chapter of a book.
  • Up to 10% or one article from a journal issue.
  • Up to 10% or one paper of one set of conference proceedings.
  • Up to 10% or one case of one report of judicial proceedings.
  • Up to 10% of an anthology of short stories or poems or one short story or poem of not more than 10 pages.

The University needs to own an original copy of the material requested, if the book/journal etc. is not owned by the University, a copyright cleared copy may potentially be obtained from the British Library so that the item can be added to the digitised file collection.

If we cannot obtain a copyright cleared copy, or you need material which falls outside the licence for including in the collection, then a no further copying copy could be added. To allow further copying of this type of material special permission would have to be sought from the copyright owner. For further information on copyright in general please see the Copyright and licensing webpage.

How do I submit a request for a file?

Members of academic/teaching staff can request material to be digitised by submitting the online digitised file request form. Please enter as much information as possible. We recommend that if you want an item digitised you submit the request as early as possible. On average processing time is 2-5 weeks for digital copies, depending on availability of the source material.

When you submit a request, you will get a copy of it as confirmation that it has been received.

Repeated use of files

Print files will remain in the collection as long as they are used and their module/tutor is current. A tutor may request a file’s removal if it is no longer relevant by contacting the digitised file administrator. Occasionally a weeding exercise is carried out. It would help greatly if staff members could periodically review their file holdings and let the library know of any changes or deletions.

Digital files are added for the term of the module only; these are reviewed and reported annually. You will receive an email before the module start date asking if the file(s) for that module are wanted again for the next academic year. We can re-use files without further copying/digitising, as long as content is still covered by the CLA licence. This will be checked as part of the review process.

Further information

Please send any requests for amendments or deletions to files and/or further information to the Library team via email.