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Aspiring Barristers visit Lincoln's Inn, London

Last month, five of our students had the opportunity to visit the Lincoln’s Inn for their University Information Afternoon and Dinner held on Wednesday 22nd February 2023.

During the sessions, the attendees heard from barristers on a range of subjects from Training and Career Opportunities to Life at the Bar. This was followed by a drinks’ reception, before dinner in the Inn’s prestigious Great Hall.

Students recount their experience below:

Excellent Opportunity – Hannah Thwaites (1st year student)

Meeting and dining with the judges and barristers at Lincoln's Inn Chambers was an excellent opportunity for me to gain an insight into the legal profession and learn about the various career paths available in the legal field. By engaging with legal experts in a social setting, I was able gain a better understanding of the day-to-day work of lawyers and judges, as well as the challenges and rewards of working in the legal field. 

In terms of inspiration, it gave me a first-hand look at the intellectual rigor, ethical standards, and professional expectations that come with a career in law. Additionally, it helped me develop a sense of purpose and direction in my academic and career goals. 

Overall, the experience of meeting and dining with judges and barristers at Lincoln's Inn Chambers provided valuable information and inspiration for considering my career in law. Overall, this was a remarkable and memorable experience. I have developed connections with two barristers who are both willing to communicate with me regarding any questions or additional information I may need on my path to becoming a barrister. 

Insightful experience – Adam Ahmed (2nd year student)

I applied to attend the event because I am an aspiring barrister and this was a great opportunity to understand how practicing professionals view their profession and as students we are always encouraged to network  and this was be a great opportunity to network. 

I also felt that advice from such barristers would be invaluable in terms of planning for our future careers as well as building  confidence and self-awareness of the industry. I also wanted to show off the skills and knowledge I have learnt at the University of Bradford during potential discussions with barristers at the event.

The Lincoln’s Inn event was absolutely amazing and truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was very insightful, and I would like to say a massive thank you to the university and the organisers. The event was really informative and if anything, it showed  me that I need to work harder in the early stages of my career to get where I want. With hard work anything is possible. 

From left to right, Hannah Thwaite, Joanne Warne , Adam Ahmed, Judge Mark Ockelton and  Haashir Shah

Better understanding of the role of a barrister – Odinaka Stan-Ugbene (3rd year student)

I learned a lot from the event and felt very happy to have been given an opportunity to visit the Lincoln’s Inn. Before the event I was unsure of the barrister route and felt that opportunities like this don't come often and decided to attend. The information I received that night was a lot more than I expected.

Alongside this, I found each of the barristers that spoke that night very approachable. It was nice to see how willing they were to talk to us as they've also been our shoes some time ago. I was also able to network with some of the speakers and other barristers who attended the event.

A year or two ago, I might have not considered going to this event as I felt that I was sure of what route would be right for me. However, I'm glad I was able to gain a better understanding of what it takes to become a barrister and I'm happy to have gone to an Inn with members who are willingly to motivate and educate students on the path that lies ahead of them. 

I gained a lot of information from this not just about becoming a barrister but also pursuing virtually any career opportunities. 

Dining with a judge – Haashir Shah (3rd Year student)

The opportunity to visit the Lincoln’s Inn was a pleasure and a very insightful experience into the lives of professionals who have dedicated their lives to the Law. The dinner took place in the Great Hall. I was fortunate enough sit opposite a judge and we were able to have an interesting conversation regarding his career and his day-to-day life as a judge which was an eye opener and a reality check in terms of the amount of effort and focus that is required for a successful career at the bar.

Overall, the visit to the Lincoln’s Inn was an enjoyable and unique experience.