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Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)

Important CAS Dates

September Intake

Deposit Payment and Document Submission Deadline: 24 July (Postgraduate Courses) or 2 September (Undergraduate Courses)

  • We must receive your payment of £2000 toward your tuition by this date to provide us enough time to process your CAS. Please find information on how to pay here.
  • We must also have received all of your visa documents (ie. matured financial evidence and TB certificate and/or ATAS if required). 

This is a strict deadline. We cannot accept any evidence after this deadline. If you will not meet the deadline for any reason, you may want to consider deferring your offer to the next intake. Please contact for more information on deferring.

January 2023 Intake

Deposit Payment and Document Submission Deadline: 4 November (for all courses)


To sumbit your documents, email them to

What is a CAS?

A Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) is an electronic document issued by the University of Bradford, that contains information about your course of study as well as your personal details. This information, along with a unique CAS number and the University's sponsor licence details, is sent to UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). This allows international students to apply for their Student Visa. 

Before you can apply for your Student Visa, you will need a CAS to support your visa application.

The International Student Support & UKVI Compliance team will consider your CAS request once you have formally applied for admission on your course of study and you have fulfilled all academic and financial conditions related to the University's admission process.

If successful, your CAS will be emailed to you. Your CAS is an electronic document held in the UKVI database; the document that we email you is for your personal reference. 

Please note a CAS can only be used once. This means if your visa is refused, you will need a new CAS to make a new Student Visa application.

How do I get my CAS?

When you accept your unconditional offer from the University of Bradford, you will receive an email from the International Student Support & UKVI Compliance team advising you to:

  1. Complete the CAS Request Form. Please ensure that you follow the provided link and complete the CAS request form, as it contains important information to properly assess your CAS request. 
  2. Pay a deposit toward your tuition. You can find information on how to do this here.

If you have accepted your offer but have not received the subsequent email, please contact the International Student Support & UKVI Compliance team.

Receipt of this CAS Request Form and deposit payment will allow the International Student Support & UKVI Compliance team to start the necessary checks that we are required to do before we can issue you with a CAS.

We will support you to make sure you are in the best possible position to make a successful Student Visa application before we issue your CAS. Our pre-CAS checks may include the following:

Please note that you will be asked to submit your supporting visa application documents (ie. financial evidence and TB certificate) to be checked prior to issuing a CAS, so please begin to prepare them as soon as possible. Documents should be emailed to

Refusing a CAS

We take a risk-based approach when considering intent to study. If it becomes clear during our pre-CAS checks that your risk of refusal is very high, we reserve the right to refuse your CAS. 

To ensure that we are complying with the UKVI immigration laws, in-line with our Sponsor License requirements, we must only assign a CAS to a student we reasonably believe will:

  • Meet the requirements of the Student Route under which we assign the CAS; and
  • Comply with the conditions of their permission to stay in the UK.


We are unable to issue a CAS if the applicant does not meet the requirements of the Immigration Rules. We also reserve the right to withdraw a CAS to meet our sponsor responsibilities.

If we feel that we cannot issue you a CAS, you will receive an email from an International Student Support & UKVI Compliance Officer explaining why are not able to provide you with a CAS at that time.