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Our people

We are committed to investing in your ongoing development, ensuring you feel happy and supported at work and making you feel part of something worthwhile. We recognise all contributions - large or small - play a part in the wider staff and student experience and are vital to the overall success of the organisation.

Types of job roles

Our job roles are grouped into four categories:

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This is the first time in my career I feel like I belong and am not judged or look down upon because of my accent. I feel my contributions are valued and I am being listen to. I really am happy to be working for University of Bradford amongst such a diverse, talented and passionate staff population.

Lenka Kaur - Access and Participation Coordinator


Academic roles are primarily focused on teaching and research,  some contain an element of leadership.

Roles in this category include Faculty Dean, Associate Dean, Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Lecturer, Clinical Teacher and Tutors.

Find the Academic role for you.

Academic support services

I have been at the University since 2001 in various IT roles. The reason I've stayed here is because of the fantastic people. There's a real sense of community and everyone working towards the same goal.

John Fairhall - Head of IT Systems


Roles in this area are research focused, including research developers, research fellows, business development managers, and postdoctoral research assistants.

Each role will fall within one of the three research themes across our four academic faculties: Life Sciences, Health Studies, Management, Law and Social Sciences and Engineering and Digital Technologies.

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Professional Services

Professional Services staff are the members of staff that carry out specialist, operational, administrative or technical duties in the University and who are not Academic Staff. Professional Services play a vital role in the sustainability and success in the smooth running of the University.

Roles in this category include:

  • Finance
  • Planning and Project Management
  • Health and Safety
  • People Services
  • IT Services
  • Legal and Governance
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Student Outreach, Recruitment and Marketing
  • Student Support Services
  • Building and Engineering Teams
  • Cleaning and portering Services
  • Administrative staff

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I love the diversity, energy, enthusiasm and friendliness of my colleagues. The real joy of working here is watching our amazing students at our annual graduation ceremonies. Seeing them brimming with joy and pride as they graduate is an uplifting reminder of the transformational power of the University of Bradford.

Chris Hall - Associate Director, Centre for Inclusion and Diversity (CfID)

Faculty Support

Provide business, technical or administrative support to one of our four faculties.

Learn about roles for our technicians, roles also include Business Management and support roles, project analyst and leads, research and knowledge transfer officers and much more.

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Working for the security department makes you feel part of a family. No matter what, you're always there for each other. Work is like the safe space you didn't know you needed, whatever is going on in life I know that work and my colleagues will help me.

Leanne Wright - Senior Security Supervisor

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